Crypto Collapse Just Got Worse

Andrei Jikh

Crypto Collapse Just Got Worse

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10 thoughts on “Crypto Collapse Just Got Worse”

  1. I honestly just envy you Andrei. I wish I could do the same thing you do. I talk to everyone I know about finances all day long. I just don't know where to start.. here…

  2. BOO! You guys are part of the problem. I think all of you "influencers" should take ZERO financial institution sponsorships moving forward. You may say, "but how would I make all my money?" Well, think of that as your penance.

  3. Lol 😂 he is asking us to remove money out of insolvent and bankrupt entities, like that will happen. Nice script though, garbage of a human being

  4. BANKS do not fractionally reserve funds anymore that is OLD money logic when commodities were money.

    The fed only prints money necessary to cover withdrawals for banks

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