CRAZY Ethereum Wallet! 🀯

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CRAZY Ethereum Wallet! 🤯

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10 thoughts on “CRAZY Ethereum Wallet! 🀯”

  1. Most likely forgotten/lost seed phrase, or they are possibly dead.

    Even the most diamond-handed hodlers either DCA, or move funds around. Almost no one keeps their wallets THAT cold, for that long intentionally.

  2. Back a decade ago Fidelity Investments did a review of their most successful investors over the decade. The top earners were either those who hadn't touched their investment since day one, or those who had passed away.

  3. Billions will be lost over time on the blockchain and really serve as anchors of immovable stability for a variety of coins that will last…. And to some degree because they will never be sold!

    Thank the dead, foolish, irresponsible and forgetful!

  4. Most likely the owner dead , if I drop dead I wife would have no idea how to access my cryto

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