Cosmic Universe AMA and Giveaway Tuesday 1/11/22 12PM PST


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About Cosmic Universe:

Cosmic Universe is a fantasy open-world adventure MMORPG being developed on the Harmony blockchain. It is play-to-earn and integrates exclusive character and land NFT collections, focusing heavily on developing land, harvesting resources, acquiring skills and magic, and forging alliances, all while developing increasingly advanced plots and settlements. Following the play-to-earn model, anyone can earn token rewards through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem.


We strongly believe in players owning their in-game assets. This is why there will be 6 different types of NFTs usable in Cosmic Universe. Land NFTs, Character NFTs, Pet NFTs, Structure NFTs, Item NFTs, and Resource NFTs. The last 4 are NFTs that are unlocked and given to players for FREE once they reach certain achievement thresholds and will be tradable on our native NFT marketplace. Every NFT becomes directly usable in the game and provides advantages to players to gain XP and level-up, which in turn helps them earn in-game rewards. We will even planning to have an immersive in-game 3D DEX that will allow players to interact with our upcoming OneFi Exchange.

Currently, Cosmic Universe has released its sold out 10K Cosmic Wizards character collection, which are 2D gamified avatars. Within the next 1-2 months, there will be a free airdrop of the playable 3D versions of the wizards to all holders of the 2D counterparts. The next NFT collection to be released is the land located on Cosmic Island, the genesis land map of the multi-planetary metaverse of Cosmic Universe.

Striving to Become the Leading Blockchain MMORPG

Cosmic Universe is a project that is just a few months old but has already achieved a lot. As development continues, the project plans to continue to raise the bar since this will help Harmony as a whole continue to grow, expand, and attract new investors (and players).

AMA will be LIVE 1/11/22 12PM PST

  • 👇 Post your questions / constructive suggestions below when LIVE.
  • 🕒 The Cosmic Universe team will begin answering questions on 1/11/22 at 12PM Pacific / 3PM Eastern.
  • Follow the event to be notified when it will begin.

Giveaway: Top give questions chosen by the Cosmic Universe Team

1st: Cosmic Wizard NFT with a 1% rarity trait

2nd: Female Wizard

3rd: Regular Wizard

4th: 33 MAGIC

5th: 333 COSMIC

Cosmic Universe AMA and Giveaway Tuesday 1/11/22 12PM PST

49 thoughts on “Cosmic Universe AMA and Giveaway Tuesday 1/11/22 12PM PST”

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  2. How many people are working on the team? Also, why do we have 2 different currency (MAGIC, and COSMO)? I understand MAGIC is used for lands and COSMO is for other uses, but what is the reasoning behind having 2 tokens vs. one token for everything similar to other project?

  3. In MMOs, I like my pet most…will there be various choices of pets? I’m into pigs with wings, hamsters with wings and squirrels.

  4. How are you planning to make this fun to play? How are you different from the rest of the crypto games out there?

  5. Hi, first of all congratulations on this project. I was looking forward for a MMORPG on Harmony and i love the visuals, the ideas behind it (fantasy mmorpg lover here), and i also noticed you guys rewrote the whitepaper, and i have a question about that.
    If i recall correctly, in the old whitepaper it was said that you gained COSMIC by leveling up, i.e. gaining experience.

    I gotta say that i don’t see this being told anymore in the new whitepaper, so how would one gain COSMIC in game, if there is a way to?

    Thanks for your time!

  6. Super exciting stuff! So excited to see a 3D game developed on unreal engine, and towards that I got a few questions on performance:

    1. Will all game data be stored on the blockchain?

    2. Is the game hosted on decentralized servers or something like an EC2 instance? How do you plan on server redundancy to ensure a robust gaming environment?

    3. As the game scales up to the seven islands, and to multiple planets, how will you handle the larger number of players, buildings on land, and other taxes on compute resources?

    4. Will the 2 second finality of harmony negatively impact any aspect of gameplay? Did you need to plan around this in designing the game (maybe interacting with a structure, or even navigating across coordinates?)

  7. It looks like the introduction of additional races and land will be a nice consistent way to onboard new players. And social life/ building structures seem to play a large part of this game. However, these mechanisms are common to all play2earn games (initial inflationary mechanism through NFT staking, deflationary mechanism through burning to create structures.) Do y’all have anything up your sleeves to push the boundaries of what we currently understand p2e to be? For example, real time battles, or even just the ability to interact with buildable structures (climb mountains, sit on chairs, lie on bed, actions that many games today still lack.)

  8. What made you all decide to revolve the game world/characters on mythological creatures such as Wizards, Elves, Trolls etc.. Will quests revolve around each race? – Please elaborate more on the Ravers race and the utility behind them. Possible music collaborations/meta-verse type concerts or raves could be amazing. Thankyou <3

  9. I saw some of the concept images of troll npcs and lands. I must say am impressed and excited. I want to buy a whimsy land. Will there be allocation for public sale? Because it’s possible that they may get sold out in presale and those who didn’t get wl won’t have a chance to buy.

    Also, can the land nfts be transferred to wallets similar to sending coin in metamask?

    Congratulations to this project!
    Best of luck to the team and great work! 🍀🍀🍀

  10. Hello CU Team. I have a few questions to ask

    -What is the UI going to look like in game? Is there any game that you can compare it to?

    -Will pets have storge space to them so you can gather more resources before returning to your land? If so, can you upgrade the pets carrying capacity to allow for even more resource gathering?

    -Do backgrounds of the wizard nft have any effect on gameplay? It would be cool if during night time the wizards land had their background as the night sky. But that might take too much programming.

    -Can you modify the terrain of your land, possibly make it flatter or plant/remove trees for better aesthetics.

    -Will there be limits to the number of resources you can collect in a day?

    -What requirements will there be for joining the alpha gameplay in the upcoming months?


  11. Hello Cosmic Universe Team!

    If I may, I would like to ask two questions about the game development thus far and two about the game itself.

    What was the most challenging issue the team has faced while developing this game so far?

    What aspect of this game is the team most proud of so far?

    How will pets (dragons for wizards) be “born”? Are they going to be NFTs and each Dragon will have unique color and characteristics?

    When this game gains massive adoption and popularity, does the team have plans to increase the team size to support the massive growth?

    Thank you all for your time and I must say, I am incredibly excited for this game! Good luck and keep up the good work!

  12. Hello!

    I think your project looks really interesting and I am very excited to follow your progress
    in the furture!

    My question is:
    What are your biggest inspirations regarding the fantasy genre?

  13. I am so excited for this project – congratulations on another ATH!

    My question is about land.

    Is it possible to buy adjacent plots of land that span 2 different regions, and would it still be possible to form a settlement in such an area?

  14. Since it is an MMORPG, how do you guys prepare/ handle when there are tons of players online at a same time at a same place ( For example, there’s some community party going on it game ) will it crash the server / game? Since it will drastically affect the gaming experience if everything is limited

  15. Hello Team! First off, what a week did we just witness?
    I have been in the Harmony Ecosystem since Feb 2021 and am very confident in this chain, as is your team.

    What would you consider are the main reasons to develop such a massive project on the Harmony Network?
    With ressource gathering and money behind it all, how are you going to protect this game from botfarms?

    Best regards and excited for the future!

  16. Hey Cosmic Universe fam! Congratulations on all the successes so far and for building such a lovely community!

    I have some questions about how XP will work in the game:

    • What are the different ways to earn XP?

    • Can characters with higher levels or XP be sold with the XP / levels also transferring?

    • What kind of activities will the main quest line and side quests involve?

    Thanks for your time and all the work you’re putting in on this beautiful project.

  17. During the pre-sale only 1000 of the available lands be up for sale, or all available lands be sold during pre-sale itself ?

    Also since there are only limited supply of Wizards (10,000). If at least one wizard is required to play, how is this demand going to supply when more than 10,000 people come here to play? is it not possible to play for more than 10,000 people in the cosmic Island itself?

  18. Is there any screenshots or work surrounding the wizard nfts and how they will be implemented in the game? Wondering how a 2d nft can be done well in a 3d game.

  19. Will Wizards be able to visit other species planets or will we need, for example, Elves to be able to visit their Planet?

    Also,will we be able to rent our heroes out at specific times day during the everyday persons 9-5, Monday-Friday?

  20. How will CU players benefit from having multiple wizards?? I have multiple and trust that wizzard and team will have a great vision for things but I have never played a MMORPG with multiple heros you can choose from.

    Also will the wizards be exclusive to the first world? Or if I level up my wizzard enough can I bring them over to the next map!?

    Thanks and happy $2

  21. Hello, congratulations again on new Magic ATH.
    My question would be how do you plan to make this game sustainable (even after explosive growth)? Comparing it to the current state of Axie Infinity, there is a massive oversupply of slp which leads the price to go down thus discouraging new players to join.
    What are your plans for mass adoption? Mobile access would be a great thing to add down the line.
    Thanks and looking forward to playing this game!

    1. Will our wizards see Equipment in form of NFTs that can increase certain stats?

    2. Will our Wizards have proffessions/expertises that can be used to further gain Yields, like proffesions/quests in DFK?

  22. Hi thanks for the good work, I can’t wait for land to be out! Question for the land: will it be possible to preview the lands before the sell or will it be mint randomly like the wizards?
    Does the dragons will be release soon has well?

    Thank you for your time! The discord is insane has well!!

  23. hey hey, love the team and mods over on discord. My question is what do you view as successful for a project like this? I know a lot of people turn to $$ in terms of success, but I am curious how the team measures it? Thanks for the great community.

  24. Will the land sale nft process be similar to the wizards one? Where you can type your land # in and it will have a rarability number. If so will it be random, I understand you can choose where you want land. So im sure getting land in a certain place will obviously have a chance of being more rare. But basically Im wondering if nft land will have random raribility and if so will the rare rating have anything to do with what your land can mine/forage/ ect. Or will that be unknown till game play starts?

  25. – Which devices will be the game firstly released for (browser, mobile, pc…?)

    – The gaming app consume a lot of data, what is your preparation to ensure fast scalability in case if the demand explods ?

    – Is there a plan to provide an external API to query the game data for creating reports apps ?

  26. Are there plans to have dungeons in the game like other MMO’s? If so will there be healing and tanking traits that are gear based? If you don’t mind further explaining how gear is to work please. Excited for this!

  27. Is there going to be combat in this game because doing the same things over and over again gets boring after a while, if there is combat how are you planning to make it fun to play as playing hours progresses?

    What type of combat will different types of races use?

    Assuming wizards will use spells, can you give some examples of spells that wizards will use?

    Are all the spells/attacks going to be unlocked at the beginning or different types of attacks will be gained while leveling up ?

    Is there going to be necromancy, healing and shield type spells like Skyrim has ?

  28. Hi CU Team,

    Many of us are super excited about the game. One of the main points of attraction is that it will be 3D and on the unreal engine. I mean, we could have an ACTUAL game come out of this.

    My first question is: what will be the limitations of building this out on a blockchain? what will be the benefits of building this out on a blockchain?

    Could you perhaps contrast this to well-known games like WoW or Runescape or The Elder Scrolls?

    My second question is: what can the community do to help grow the game? For example, I am the proud owner of a couple of wizards and will try to snatch some land during the upcoming sale, but how can interested people participate without purchasing Wizards or Land, or is this simply not an option?


  29. Will the game support a trading system between players? Can I for example trade some of my wood for a specific ore that I do not have on my land plot? 😀

  30. I’ve seen harmony whales was added to the universe, will any others be added in the future? And is it possible that those collaborations might have some utility? Unlike the whales.

  31. Hi, my questions are : 1. Can you sell items to other players? 2. Will there be magic castles and academies? 3. What makes a wizard different in term of skills ? Like do the rare ones have unique magic spells/ skills ?

  32. Can you provide detail on how quest will function in the game? For example, will quest revolve more around building and harvesting or will there be Environmental enemies that will need to be defeated? Also when can we expect to see a preview of in game NPC?

  33. 🔮 🧙 How do you plan on waking up the WIZARD hiding within each one of us?
    Which game elements will evoke -and keep alive- that thruly MAGICAL FEELING? 🕹️✨

  34. How many players will be able to play on cosmic island at once and what is the plan to be able to support a certain amount of players?

  35. I would like to know what are your plans for the in game chat? , been able to create a private voice chat with you and your buddys it’s pretty immersive , that’s one of the things i love from GTA and i don’t think is something to complicated to ask 🙏🏽😅

  36. Hello Cosmic Universe team! First of all, a hearty congratulations on the recent milestones. It’s been an absolute pleasure participating in the community and watching it grow, like a well-nurtured seed finally sprouting. I’ll be glad to see the flowers in spring. 🙂

    Secondly, I’d like to thank the developers for being transparent on Discord on both their successes and their shortcomings, such as today’s exciting announcement (though it might’ve slipped people’s attention, since it was hidden away in #general) that the game is onboarding two new gameplay developers this month. This was in response to someone’s concern that development seemingly focused on aesthetics. The screenshots thus far (and today’s video) indeed show a lot of promise, but ultimately, we’re going to need a game to keep us all engaged! I’m glad to see that you guys don’t shy away from answering tough questions.

    Now, for my question. Though it might seem trivial, traditional MMORPGs have always had an element of cosmetic appeal. This manifests in the ability to change your character’s facial and bodily features (eye colour, hair style, body type), but also reflects on the way the in-game economy deals with rare armour types. For many gamers, their character’s appearance has outpaced their stats in importance—and rightly so! Take, for example, World of Warcraft’s booming market in transmogrification items. (Transmogrification is the ability to replace the appearance of your armour with that of another, keeping the superior stats.) Converted to real-life currency, many items would be worth hundreds of dollars—but, alas, ownership of these items remains firmly in the hands of the game developers.

    Blockchain MMORPGs in many ways are forced to re-address age-old MMORPG expectations, for example due to the nature of NFT ownership. My question, therefore, is two-fold:

    1. Will Cosmic Universe feature any way to change a character’s appearance? This could be a simple eye colour change, or different clothes and armour.
    2. …and if so, how will that be reflected with regards to the NFT, which features an avatar with a predetermined appearance? I imagine a dynamic NFT is not impossible, but might be outside of the scope of today’s blockchain technology. I’m very curious to hear what the developers’ thoughts are on this, both for the short term and the long term.

    Since vanity items have been heavily featured in the economies of traditional MMORPGs, I can only imagine what it could mean to an MMORPG on the blockchain. Ownership of in-game items is one of the most exciting features of blockchain gaming to me.

    Thank you. Looking forward to your answers.

  37. Will all other races in the Cosmic Universe follow the same bonus daily check in rules. Which is, having a 5% or lower trait will give bonus cosmic on daily logins.

    5% trait – 1% bonus comic on daily check in

    4% trait – 2% bonus comic on daily check in

    3% trait – 3% bonus comic on daily check in

    2% trait – 4% bonus comic on daily check in

    1% trait – 5% bonus comic on daily check in

  38. I like narrative in my games, I saw some mentions of a main quest, but its always related to farming and harvesting resources. My question is: is there a plan for a Main Narrative questline in the future?

  39. Hi there, super excited about the project. When will MAGIC to land cost be determined? I know the costs of lands have been determined but at some point a set price for MAGIC will have to be decided.

    What is the benefit of owning a more rare wizard?
    Will wizards have different powers from elves etc?
    Will we be able to stake wizards?
    What part of the game are you most looking forward to?
    How big is your team?
    Will there be a huge party after successful launch?


  40. How did the game concept come about and how has the development process for the project come along?

    How great is it working with the legendary Wizzard Blizzard?

  41. Will the game be accessible for new users with low funds (less than $100) when it launches? The barrier to entry in some of these games is the cost to buy heros/nft/land. What is your plan for onboarding new users to the game?

  42. What types of skills is the team missing that you’re looking to fill with a new hire?

  43. Let’s welcome the Cosmic Universe Team everyone. Ask a question, give a constructive suggestion, show them some support and wish them luck 🍀.

    The Giveaway

    The Cosmic Universe Team will
    be choosing top 5 questions/comments to give away some game nfts! Good luck community.

  44. 🔮 🧙 How do you plan on waking up the WIZARD hiding within each one of us?
    Which game elements will evoke -and keep alive- that thruly MAGICAL FEELING? 🕹️✨

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