Corgi Ai

Just took a hail mary on this coin. Any one think it's got potention?

5 thoughts on “Corgi Ai”

  1. Its Market cap is 500 Million? How high do you expect this to go?
    Dont think this was a good idea

  2. sounds like the 1000000 shit coin.

    The webside says that the first step is building a community. This never worked out in any project before. First step should be making a product that makes a difference or sometning better then the 100000 other coins out there.

    The whitepaper is a joke like writte by a 5 yeard old. 0 Facts just random phrases an AI can put together. One step of the first step in the development is “Champagne” in the club. Who write this into a whitepaper? lol what does that even mean?

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