Convert my FTX balance to SOL a chance to get out !!

I'm thinking of converting all my balance on FTX to $sol the reason as all know FTX has a huge amount of solana token $sol. so I'm thinking if they start processing withdrawal I may have a chance of getting my balance out of FTX, maybe even if they didn't open withdrawal once again after long period of time and government investigation at the event of distribution i may get all my funds back as they have lot's of $sol in their balance sheet ,what do you think guys !! is that a wise move or just keep my balance as it's BTC and USDT.

Convert my FTX balance to SOL a chance to get out !!

2 thoughts on “Convert my FTX balance to SOL a chance to get out !!”

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  2. Nah

    In case they will actually go bankrupt and will be forced to clean up this mess they will sell everything and divide the assets according to client participation in the pool so you should get part of your assets back. Some corporate clients may get rekt if any government regulatory is involved as they tend to prioritize protecting private investors.
    You also have to keep in mind that if this was not the bottom solana looks like a good candidate to drop low hence reducing your assets even more.
    If you didn’t lose most of your assets yet I would stick with BTC in hope it will recover before they clean this up or go tether so you don’t lose more if the market goes south.
    Ether way stay strong.

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