Considering dipping my toes into high-value NFTs, is now the right time or should I wait? (punks, bayc etc)

the floors everywhere rock bottom, and looking to invest

here are what im thinking about:

  • BAYC: ok even justin bieber has one,but floor seems a nice entry rn?
  • PUNKS: i consider these the most desirable. what price should i be looking to pay?
  • a possible moonshot candidate!: found this? no idea, might end up valuable
  • Azuki: quite bullish on these but i just dont like the design. hmmm..
  • finally, REDDIT NFTS! are they worth it and likely to hold value?

looking for opinions and open to ideas about which has most potential and whether you think it might be a good time now

thank you

Considering dipping my toes into high-value NFTs, is now the right time or should I wait? (punks, bayc etc)

20 thoughts on “Considering dipping my toes into high-value NFTs, is now the right time or should I wait? (punks, bayc etc)”

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  2. Your ability to value a JPEG is just as valid as mine or anyone else. I know we tend to ignore this type of advice, but truthfully no one knows and any “educated assumption” is as valid as any, in this infinite possibility of anything being possible including them totally going to zero.

  3. Blue-chip NFTs will be a piece of blockchain history and will have value.

    Punks and bayc would be worthwhile, and only really the rare attritubes.

    We are likely not at the bottom in price though.

    People with disposable income well beyond the imaginations of most Redditors collect stupid shit all the time. This will be no different.

    You can borrow against NFTs too, with

  4. You might wanna look into ENS domains. That’s where value is. Vitaliks favorite NFTs btw. They have actual utility.

    3 digit
    4 digit

    Common first names/last names

    Single ethmojis

    These are the top dog categories.

    They haven’t really been effected by the bear market and have only been growing steadily month after month for awhile now.

  5. If you want a moonshot candidate check out Heaven Computer.

    Besides that historical nfts like RarePepes and Punycodes are smart long term investments in my opinion.

  6. No one really knows at this point because we may or may not see more fallout from the FTX clusterf… A lot of companies had ties to FTX so more could fall.

    Having said that, if you really want to buy an NFT right now, I recommend Metalcore gaming NFTs. They will at least have a purpose in the future.

  7. Would be a bad move. After years in the space, the only thing that will in the end will be BTC. Owning 1 will be enough, but owning 10 will be game changing.

  8. NFTs are either going to be valuable or worthless, the issue is that by the time we figure out which, it would have already been too late to get involved. Buying them now is essentially speculation/gambling.

  9. Link is probably a scam link ahh. I posted on this on another sub but the post was deleted. Now seeing the way this is written, almost def a scam. Don’t click that link!

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