Confirm Button Not Working

Button is not greyed out. Throwing no errors. However, when pressed, does nothing. See video. What would cause this? Only happening to some users.

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  1. Beep Boop

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  2. This use to happen to me a lot. What I found that fixed it, was clicking the gas setting, don’t need to change it, just click it so the window comes up, save and you should now be able to use the Confirm button.

  3. Its for mist metamask app users. The team said they been working on it.. i tried to change gas and when i selected market said i need 60 ETH to do a mint. If you have a desktop people said that works but i havent tried it yet.

  4. I think it’s a scammer , the guy want to show the site for connect our MM. be careful

  5. I’m having same problem with avax. It has to do with newest app update. It’s related to the gas I think.

  6. Having the EXACT same problem. I tried to change the gas and it calculates 55 eth. I gave up and just imported my wallet to Coinbase Wallet. Works great.

    Btw it’s not just uniswap either. Other swaps do the same thing or just give an error.

    Also it doesn’t matter what you’re buying. It does the same no matter the token or NFT or whatever.

    I’m actually relieved that it’s not just me.

  7. Developers said that they are aware of and working on fixing the issue:

  8. Meta mask & ETH suck brotha. Buy some Xrp and download xumm for easy full custody

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