Commonwealth Bank of Australia restricts crypto transactions due to “scams”

Is this the beginning of the end for us Aussie's? Or is it the start where banks disconnect crypto completely from fiat currency? (hoping the latter obv!)

They may have accidentally (or intentionally) kickstarted the biggest currency revolution Australia has seen since 14 February 1966!

17 thoughts on “Commonwealth Bank of Australia restricts crypto transactions due to “scams””

  1. Time to choose another bank.

    Westpac and CBA are no longer crypto friendly banks. I bet this list will grow

  2. Didn’t commbank say they were going to offer crypto purchasing through their app or something? I think it was around end of 2021

  3. Find your tribe. Set a monthly meetup. Same pub at the same time. Buy and sell in person. Keeps cash alive, and gives everyone privacy.

  4. I’m an adult. I’m free to deposit money into gambling sites. But I will face restrictions on crypto. Any chance that gambling threatens the banks business model? How about crypto? Who’s best interests’ are they looking after exactly?

  5. let’s take a mandatory third-party car insurance. it can be classified as a “scam”, “gambling on misfortune” or “extremely risky investment product”, depending on your point of view. every bank in this world is happy to make a payment to insurance company or accept a payment from them. how so?

  6. got to love how the banks control your money, they are basically telling you how to spend your money. Scumbags

  7. All I want from any place I put my money is a white list or a black list. I understand there are things that you don’t like. Just tell me what you don’t like and I will stop doing it.

    In other news you’re welcome to come to

  8. Good old commonwealth bank worried about people losing money on crypto, I suppose they will limit transactions to betting agency’s aswell or stop you taking money out at the casino

  9. Maybe they should restrict Australian currency, im sure it’s used in more scams than crypto.

  10. I’m very sorry that you Aussies have been disarmed a long time ago. I love our 2nd amendment here in America. It’s so wonderful.

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