Come check out MetaMask on the Unity Asset Store!

Hey there, 🦊game devs! 🕹️

MetaMaskSDK is not just a verified solution on the Unity Asset Store, it’s your key to unlock a streamlined game development process. But that’s just the start!

💡We offer a trio of Render Pipelines for your convenience:

1️⃣Built-in Render Pipeline – The default choice with limited customization.
2️⃣Universal Render Pipeline (URP) – A Scriptable pipeline, ideal for wide range of platforms.
3️⃣High Definition Render Pipeline (HDRP) – Perfect for high-fidelity, cutting-edge graphics.

👀 If you are interested diving into the thrilling world of Web3 Gaming, we’ve got just the thing! Our latest demo showcases the implementation of MetaMask, Infura, and Truffle, complete with basic web3 game mechanics. It’s an excellent resource that any game developer can replicate.

🎮 Ready to level up your game development? Download MetaMaskSDK today and explore our render pipelines:

🕹️ Check out our Web3 Gaming demo here:

🚀 Let’s revolutionize gaming together!

Happy developing! 💻