Comdex Partnered InjectiveLabs

Guess what? There is a new collaboration! Comdex is now in partnership with InjectiveLabs in order to boost its upcoming stablecoin $CMST and lending/ borrowing platform Commodo Finance.

The partnership is symbiotic meaning both protocols who be having the benefits from each other. Comdex will create an opportunity for InjectiveLabs to have users interact with many assets on the Comdex dApp and maximum yields.

As a result of this partnership, Comdex will list $INJ as one of the collateral assets used to mint $CMST and on cSwap AMM with a $INJ / $CMST liquidity pool. Also, $INJ will be listed on Commodo where it can be lent or borrowed.

On the other hand, Comdex will benefit from InjectiveLabs as $CMDX will be listed on the Injective Decentralized Exchange dApps and Injective will use $CMST as the quote asset for $CMDX token.

The partnership will bring much more liquidity to both protocols and other mutually beneficial worth will spring up from the alliance.

There's more to come. Stay tuned!!

Comdex Partnered InjectiveLabs

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