combination metamask uniswap3 no accepting transaction

Hi Everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

I am trying to setup a pool on uniswap3. I have accepted the spending limits on each pair, but when I go to preview then add, a screen pops up. The issue is I dont see anything from the wallet. So it just keeps getting into a loop. I think I fixed this before by lowering the amount for the pool, but I don't understand why. I am using metamask wallet, on brave browser. Turned off security for the site.

Scammers please do not IM me I will just report you.

Any ideas?

Thanks again.

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2 thoughts on “combination metamask uniswap3 no accepting transaction”

  1. I think it is something to do with my limits. Maybe thats why metamask is ignoring the request.

  2. Same thing happens using chrome and metamask. I also disabled my firewall. I could fire-up another os on a usb but cant be bothered right now. I don’t think the request is being sent out to metamask or metamask is not receiving it. The strange thing is metamask saw the first 2 requests and set the appropriate limits. So I think its less likely to be a metanask issue and specific to add process logic in uniswap but who knows.

    anyway it worked on my ipad no issues, just alittle harder to copy paste but at least it works.

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