Coinbase wallet issue

So I have used Uniswap with Coinbase Wallet for over a year now but the past few days the only thing that loads up in the Uniswap site using Coinbase Wallet's browser is the underlying html/JS/whatever script of the Uniswap exchange. This is using the mobile app of Coinbase Wallet. I don't wanna try to go through the Coinbase Wallet extension on laptop because I want more accessibility on the fly so I am looking for the mobile app method.

Coinbase wallet issue

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  1. I had same problem but I had to follow the procedure given by the support team

  2. Had the same issue occur while up about $400 on a trade AND then I tried to use the website and it wasn’t registering that I have enough eth WHILE I was trying to trade 18eth so I ended up using the built in swap in the coinbase wallet so as not to lose the trade and they charged me .18 ETH so it turned the 400 win into less than 150 so I’m about donw with BOTH Uniswap and CB today

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