Coinbase to Loopring – Tutorial

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Coinbase to Loopring – Tutorial

A quick how to guide on moving your crypto from centralized exchanges like Coinbase and Binance to a decentralized exchange like Loopring! If you appreciate and want to support more videos like this, I’ve added my wallet address below for any donations! It’s on Layer 2, so it’s cheap and easy to do, just use the transfer function! 0x2f9de676c7512212178C1EF56F7Fc538907373E4

3 thoughts on “Coinbase to Loopring – Tutorial”

  1. Does this mean we can use this functionality with the "Ask a friend" option when activating our Loopring L2 wallet?

  2. seeing so many ☝️recommendation I was curious and decided to give them a try and it turned out to be legit and reliable they're such a good man have ever meet in bitcoin.

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