Coinbase downgraded to Sell at Goldman

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Coinbase downgraded to Sell at Goldman

The “Halftime Report” traders debate the biggest analyst calls of the day.

9 thoughts on “Coinbase downgraded to Sell at Goldman”

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  3. <Always good to hear your thoughtful and logical analysis. I think we are entering a crab market Personally. We will still get our pumps and dumps but based purely on what the Fed are doing. That being said, as traders we can still make good money Thanks to Katherine P Mandell for her amazing skills for helping me to earn 10j Btc through trading chart.  Great TA as always>

  4. I warned some friends about coinbase..and the fraudulent crypto scam in general.:they ignored me and got their faces ripped off

  5. Old Dominion is in the same predicament as every other LTL carrier…driver shortages..that cannot be overlooked

  6. These shills are hilarious oh no have to stay away from all that stuff but yet trying to pump Old Dominion Freight Line that is extremely overpriced and double from what it was pre-covid

  7. 🖕 coinbase.. doubled my money and they wouldnt let me sell👎 kept cancelling my sell order

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