CMC is essentially YELP. They continue to refuse to fix their inaccurate data and in some cases ask to be paid to do so (classic YELP tactics). How do we solve this collectively?

From the post the other day:

We managed to see that many other groups were suffering from inaccurate data on CMC with some showing that they were also being asked to pay huge fees…here, here, here, here

And today, yet another example of CMC using inconsistent logic to portray data that they refuse to remedy:

Collectively, we can only solve this with noise and where we point our browsers. Plain and simple, these corporations need our data, and then from what we see, hold it hostage for fees or for some other gain.

Please use this thread as a start for a collective to bring forward more CMC data inaccuracies so that they can be held accountable. They are your blockchains, you make the data, don't be beholden to them, don't let them bully you.

34 thoughts on “CMC is essentially YELP. They continue to refuse to fix their inaccurate data and in some cases ask to be paid to do so (classic YELP tactics). How do we solve this collectively?”

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  2. CoinMarketCap is shit because it’s owned by Binance, and Binance wants to stifle its competitors as much as possible (which is the reason why Rollbit Coin is not included in their home page, which displays the top 100 cryptocurrencies).

    “How do we solve this collectively?”

    By boycotting it. If you forget it exists and use coingecko instead, that’ll be more than enough.

  3. CMC put me on an access ban for like 2 months because i log in religiously only to claim my Diamonds. They ‘investigated’ me for being a bot and i had to answer all sorts of questions. Ironically, i don’t even have many Diamonds that anyone should care.

  4. CMC has been going downhill ever since CZ took over. Sad to see. At least Coingecko is fair, so use that, simple.

  5. The problem is when people search for crypto market cap, the first result is always CMC and Coingecko is at number 3. They pay google to be on top of the search list.

  6. Then don’t use it

    COIngecko founder also bought a moon bag. Support him

  7. I use coi gecko but these sites will always have the issue of how they source/store data and make money

  8. The funny thing about all of it is that crypto is supposed to be dcentralized to get away from centralised entities shafting customers. CMC is a crypto-related platform but they centralized and shafting customers/users.

    It’s quite ironic as another reminder that we need true decentralization and many crypto platforms like exchange claim decentralization but are more or less wolves in sheeps’ clothing.

  9. use coingecko
    cmc fucked up my portfolio last time, not going to ever use them ever again

  10. July 2022 is when CMC shows BTC hit an ATH. That’s ruins ALL their credibility. The real ATH is November 2021. Like what the actual fuck, it’s not even close.

  11. I’ve been hearing about this issue for a couple weeks now. Deleted CMC and will only use CoinGecko for all my viewing and tracking.

  12. They literally will not list a crypto higher than top 200 if they don’t pay the fee first. Even though the marketcup is actually at top 50. (Kaspa for reference)

  13. CoinGecko is absolute shit. Horrible UI, never ending bugs in app (iOS), also ads, ads, and more ads.

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