Circulating Supply of Moons drops from 126M to 83M a 34% decrease as Reddit destroys their two biggest Moon Wallets – and price surges 272% in the last 24 hours.

Moons are up edit: 366%* in the last 24 hours after mods announced their plan forward for Moons. With the biggest takeaways being:

  • Reddit was going to burn all of their Moons
  • Reddit will give up contract ownership
  • No new Moons will ever be minted
  • Moons burned for ecosystem utility will make the token deflationary.

Although you probably know about most of this, one of the biggest things on that list happened earlier today. Reddit destroyed 43M Moons (34%), dropping the circulating supply from 126M to 83M Moons.

Unlike burns to the dead wallet, Reddit deleted these Moons from existence.


On this old screenshot from October you can see the circulating supply of 126M Moons

And from the circulating supply screenshot today you can see the supply at 83.2M Moons.


Here is the transaction itself:


The circulating supply may drop a little bit farther as Reddit still has another ~500K in a few side wallets


If we consider the ecosystem Burn wallet with ~2M moons burned so far this year:

That drops the circulating supply closer to ~81M.


I honestly might be dumb, but after seeing these updates – I'm more Bullish on Moons now than I was before the announcement. Congratulations to everyone that bought the fear dump after the sunsetting announcement.

As a final note check out this insane 45 day chart for Moons

reddit imagereddit imagereddit imagereddit imagereddit imagereddit image

50 thoughts on “Circulating Supply of Moons drops from 126M to 83M a 34% decrease as Reddit destroys their two biggest Moon Wallets – and price surges 272% in the last 24 hours.”

  1. Moons now need only $83m mcap for $1 and $830m for $10

    Moons at $1b mcap, something Baby Doge and Doge elon mars have reached is $12 Moons

    All fud some raised is now lifted,

    Hard capped ✅️

    Fully decentralized ✅️

    All use cases kept except special memberships ✅️

    All listings kept ✅️

    And biggest crypto internet community behind it ✅️

    Meme-able name, logo ✅️

    We are in for a ride of our lifetimes

  2. Who else is just gutted that they sold after the Reddit announcement… 48.5K moons sold at 4 cents… FML.

  3. Oh Look, I have made a mistake with selling my moons. God damn, I am a dumbass

  4. I’m so glad I decided to hold tight when things looked bleak. As far as I’m concerned, my moons will either be worth something significant or fall to 0, and I don’t plan on doing anything with them otherwise.

  5. I imported my moon through nova to MetaMask but moon not showing up, what did I do wrong?

  6. Will it be possible to reimplement the distributions like before every month? Or with everything that changed this isn’t possible anymore?

  7. The price is wrong,we have 83M supply and 23M$ of market cap at the moment,so 23M÷83M = 0.27.
    Whats your thougts on the burning?How much moons we will have in 2030?

  8. Holy fuckamole do i feel bad for people who sold their moons after the announcement lol

    Glad/sad i dont have any moons cause i woulda 100% done the same

  9. A lot of users are asking where their moons are. Your moons are on the blockchain, to access them you need to import your seed phrase from your vault to any wallet. Follow this guide to access them.

    A month ago Reddit said they would be removing the ability to see Moons in your vault.

    No one can burn your moons or do anything to do them, only the holder of the seed phrase (which should be you) can do that, just like every other crypto.

    Please make sure you import Arbitrum NOVA, and not Arbitrum One. If you import One, you will not see your moons, different chains.

  10. I’m so glad I didn’t panic sell.

    But I do feel for the homies that sold thinking moons were done. There was a hell of a lot of FUD after the sunset announcement.

    Suppose it goes to show sometimes it’s not wise to listen to the herd mentality, especially when it comes to crypto.

  11. Wonder what everyone will do with moons now? As Reddit has dumped them can they be used for other projects?

  12. This is pure degen speculation at this point. Moons have lost all their purpose and association with the reddit platform. There are no fundamentals at all other than being a memecoin at this point.

  13. I sold the exact amount needed to buy a new OLED steam deck, at .33 cents. Still got some left. Feeling very positive about the decision

  14. Buying $20 worth of moons to get my ratio back closer to 1.0 wasn’t such a bad idea, but I wish I had bought that during this dip. Damn.

  15. This would have felt awesome if I hadn’t unloaded everything.

    Everyone enjoy though!

  16. Yall better be selling while the getting is good otherwise be prepared for another .03 price

  17. Should I move my moons from my MetaMask wallet which is attached to my reddit vault? Or do I have nothing to worry about with that?

  18. So I had a good amount of moons and then I got a new phone and naturally I didn’t import my wallet. I have 2 questions 1 is my Wallet still earning moons and 2 if I charge my old phone up and launch Reddit how can I see my wallet address

  19. Ummmm where did my moons go?! They use to be right there when I clicked on my profile. I checked when I saw this post and I can’t see anything

  20. I have a couple MOONS gathering dust in my vault. Can anyone recommend a good self-custody wallet to take them off of Reddit? I don’t think I’ll ever sell them. I want to keep them on the side and see if they end up becoming something of a collector item.

  21. Here’s two things that suck.

    1. I don’t even remember how many moons I have.

    2. I don’t remember how to access them. 🤦‍♂️ Pretty sure I needed a seed phrase written down or something and I have no clue where it would be. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  22. I’m not fully 100% bullish tbh , though the pump was glorious to see.

    One side I’ve seen lamer coins go up more and on the other side there is always the worry that another dump will really kill this once and for all

  23. Glad to still have my 2.8k moons.

    Maybe things won’t be so bad after all.

    They’ll reach $5 and I’ll still be too lazy to sell though lol.

  24. Im curious here. Did just reddit steal the moons they gave me and burned them?

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