China Sending Dogecoin & Bitcoin To $0 ⚠️ URGENT UPDATE ⚠️

Final Stand

China Sending Dogecoin & Bitcoin To $0 ⚠️ URGENT UPDATE ⚠️

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9 thoughts on “China Sending Dogecoin & Bitcoin To $0 ⚠️ URGENT UPDATE ⚠️”

  1. Matt Shibadoge coin in the coinbase wallet storage shows millions in calculations per dollar. Amounts. Must be added up in foreign currency

  2. Despite the economic crisis, I'm so happy I have been earning $60,000 returns from my $7,000 investing every 13days.

  3. I invest in doge & Shiba inu. I know Matt is a big dogecoin supporter but I'm apart of the Shiba army first. Still one of my favorite channels 🤷🏽‍♂️🔥🔥😂

  4. Bro, do you still believe in coc? Why do you neglect to mention or talk about coc?

  5. I believe <that inflation has already been priced in the cryptocurrency market since the end of last year. These manipulative mice are always 2 steps ahead of everyone because they are market makers. I hope I'm wrong and they won't continue to dump it on retail investors as usual. Those who hold the longest will get the most profit, I trade and hold the profits, keep up the great work! and Lucas Thomas also did a great job reviewing all the charts, trades and techniques on BTC which has improved my portfolio growth from 1.7 BTC to 10.6 BTC lately. <You can reach Mark on Telegram 👉 (@Markron_crypto) ** for inquiries and profitable trading systems🚨

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