Chainlink: Should You Buy Now?

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Chainlink: Should You Buy Now?

In this video we answer the question “Should you buy LINK?” We perform an extremely in depth price analysis of LINK, and come up with a future price prediction of the LINK crypto asset. The crypto market is recovering at the moment, and we are going to determine in this video if Chainlink is undervalued. We will look at the defi market, and why LINK could easily go above $100. In fact, we show how LINK based on the way it is currently valued, is at an absolute bargain of a price. #Cryptocurrency #Chainlink #LINK #Ethereum #Bitcoin 🔴 Subscribe ➔ /> 💬 | Discord ➔ p 🐦 | Twitter ➔ A THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW===============================📈 | GET The DCA Index Risk Model Here ➔ p Thank you for supporting the channel!

10 thoughts on “Chainlink: Should You Buy Now?”

  1. Btw, I forgot to mention in this video. When I say I am acquiring, remember ** I do not acquire more than a very small percent of my portfolio in alt coins when the market is in a potential long term downtrend, such as right now. I say this in every video, however it slipped my mind to reiterate that fact in this video. This point should not go unmentioned. I'm not going to tell you what percent you should invest based on your situation, it should be based on your risk tolerance. And remember defi is experiencing growing pains right now, so that is an added layer of risk we have. Overall, this nonetheless carries huge upside potential as well.

  2. Yeah, the current price is definitely a bargain. I should spend more USDT on LINK

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