Cathie Wood said a whole 8 years ago that Bitcoin could be “as big as the internet”, while buying it at $200. Say what you want about her, but she did have a vision.

Today it is widely believed that Crypto has already entered the stage of institutional adoption or did that in 2021 already. But in reality institutional adoption is nothing that happens overnight and those billion to trillion-dollar worth of organizations are not here to be late on the next big investment opportunity. 

We can expect that many of them had already bought into Bitcoin or even Crypto. One example of that may be from the “perma bulls” of Bitcoin, Micheal Saylor and Cathie Wood. Especially looking at Cathie Wood:

Quote from Cathie Wood about Bitcoin all the way back in 2015, picture from Pete Rizzo

Cathie Wood's had first invested into Bitcoin a whole 8 years ago, back in 2015 during the biggest Crypto bear market EVER. There she scooped up some BTC at a price level of about $200, all this whole literally no one believed in Bitcoin and those who did had already left amid the bear market.

During that she also phrased one of the first very bullish statements on Bitcoin comparing it to the internet for one of the first times.

Say what you want about her or Micheal Saylor, they may even just be in it for the money, but their unfazed conviction is something that even most normal investors did not have. They may be a lot of things, but definitely not paper-hands. 

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50 thoughts on “Cathie Wood said a whole 8 years ago that Bitcoin could be “as big as the internet”, while buying it at $200. Say what you want about her, but she did have a vision.”

  1. One day:

    u/meeleen223 said a whole 8 years ago that Bitcoin Moons could be “as big as the internet web2″, while earning at 3c.

  2. Cool story bro where is the next Bitcoin we can buy at $200 so we can retire ?

    I hate these posts, they provide zero current value.

  3. Survivorship bias, you don’t hear about the people who said the same thing about all the other projects/products that died

    She was correct but also her predictions nowadays are just ridiculously high on hopium

  4. Don’t mistake their ‘unfazed conviction’ for anything more than a grift to pump their own bags

    If they were short against Bitcoin they would make it sound like a devil, but if they have Bitcoin they would pump ridiculous Hopium just so one more retail investor becomes their exit liquidity to pump their own bags

  5. I’m a few years late, but I’ve bought onto to the vision.

    It’s a matter of time before everyone else does as well.

  6. I know it’s an unpopular opinion, but back then she could’ve been just as easily wrong as she was right, it was early days and nobody would’ve believed bicoin could get even to this point.

  7. Trying to remember what i was doing at that time in 2015 when BTC was 200$……Avoiding money

  8. Trying to remember what i was doing at that time in 2015 when BTC was 200$, back than avoiding making money was my prefered activity

  9. She’s made some crazy price predictions for future years, I really hope they come true.

  10. I feel like she has the right ideas, is a bit risky for me, but that should pay off when the time is right, but I think she was just a little ahead and got smacked by a bunch of market factors that were outside of her control. Covid etc.

    Could be primed for the next bull.

  11. I fuczzz with cathie wood! Following her i have actually made a little bit of change. Hopefully our precious moons will be as big as her head someday.

  12. A lot of people knew BTC was going to be big 8 years ago. But how much did she buy with her own money? It’s easy to purchase a speculative item with borrowed money.

  13. She has 2 good calls in here whole career. And looks to the devine for guidance.

  14. People say a lot of things and it’s a hit or miss, I doubt most holders expected a peak from 69k… but this is crypto and Cathie is still a revolutionary investor different than Warren Buffett

  15. Don’t understand the rationale that a currency could be ‘as big as the internet.’

  16. MOONs can be bigger than our actual MOON near our planet. We all have a vision!!!

  17. Some.people just have this gift.
    Also it’s easy to invest a bit when you have a lot.

  18. She bought BTC at $200, never knew she’s that old investor. She must have made millions and millions of dollars in BTC so far wow.

  19. Well $200 -> 69K is a hell of a call. Even now at 27K the profits are outta this world 🌕

  20. Cathie Wood and Michael Saylor should have a baby and create the ultimate Bitcoin maxi.

  21. If you ever listen to her interviews, her take on crypto is very reasonable and she also has helped shape the industry in a positive way.

  22. She’s similar to Michael Burry (just more nutty), who was right about a major crash (but nearly went bankrupt because of timing), but keeps predicting crash after crash.

  23. This sub and the affinity for her makes me laugh. She’s had hundreds of bad calls but this one accurate call (mind you she also said Bitcoin to $1M by 2030 and $500,000 by 2026; let alone the other bad calls) is what people lock onto because they’re so blinded by their love for crypto.

    Cathie, while having a good investment on crypto, has been absolute trash all around.

  24. This “as big as the internet” narrative is such BS. Bitcoin wouldn’t exist without the internet.

    It’s like saying TV is just as big as electricity.

  25. 8 years is a long time in our world nowadays, last 3 years alone we have Covid, the Russia/Ukraine issue and so many others.

    I will give her credit just for simply that BTC somehow survived all this turmoil.

  26. Everyone has the ability to be wrong. She has made some bad calls, she has also made good calls. I’m personally on her side, she makes risky calls as many of us degens do.

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