Cardano Daily Discussion – June 14, 2022

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Ongoing 'giveaway' scams on Youtube

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  1. We can clearly see that ADA will be one of the winners of this bear market. It will raise in 2023/2024 like phoenix from the ashes. It didn’t follow BTC and ETH in yesterday’s crash, just a minor dip. It’s holding very well and considering all the upcoming projects I think we will see green candles in the second half 2023. Why? Because we should reach inflation peak this year and things will slowly get better. Economical prognosis are better for 2023. I’m just staking and enjoying the ride

    On another hand banks are getting crazy in my country. Now they ask for a written explanation if you want to send more than 5k. I sent 1k to the exchange and my transaction was cancelled (never happened before). Really sad days to keep money in the bank.

  2. Looking for some tool to track delegators at my pools. Is it possible to get information about undelegated clients? For example, address, amount of stake, new pool, ect.

  3. Woah, we broke out of the 9 month downtrend vs BTC for the first time today. The chart against ETH looks insanely bullish. Great time for Cardano to shine!

  4. Looks like eth is at the end of a bubble but we can’t tell for sure if it will pop. Might collapse more and quickly. Meanwhile I’m not sure Ada would actually follow that downtrend. Our crash was months ago. Our community is strong.

  5. Hello. I’m new to the Cardano group, but started my first crypto investment 3 months ago and feel positive about ADA.

    Any predictions on the top price when the hard fork kicks in end of his month? It seems to be holding well during the huge drops across the Board

  6. My first coin is cardano and especially i love the nft area in the sector nft gaming and utility that is fisionary in terms of metaverse and other genres in gaming this is going to be really big

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