Cardano Daily Discussion – January 10, 2022

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Ongoing 'giveaway' scams on Youtube

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Cardano Daily Discussion - January 10, 2022

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  1. Ada is very low at the time. Just buy a few and hope it goes up? What do you guys think?
    I‘m 100% sure it goes up in the future und cardano is the future!

  2. Hello everybody, hope someone can help me.
    I’m using dripdropz to claim some tokens, I would like to sll(swap) the drip tokens once in awhile. But how do I do that?

    I’m using yoroi wallet, and I set up Nami wallet also(for using muesliswap).
    I see my tokens in yoroi, but if I wanna send I can only send ADA..?

    Can anyone explain me(ELI5 🙂), how I do this?


  3. Hello everyone! I was looking into ADAPad… and found this community — insights from anyone? Curious about it being on the BSC chain instead of being built on Cardano.
    I’m hodling ADA on this rollercoaster of a ride!

  4. I’m a bit afraid now bc I bought a few when it was around $2 and I’m at a loss right now, but I’m sticking to it.

  5. If Charles is reading this; cardano is one hell of a project but I couldn’t think of a better personality to lead it

  6. Coinbase is still “searching for the cause” of the withdrawal problem.

  7. Eyyy Cardano is now at my buyin price from early 2021. Wow this market is exciting haha

  8. I’m in the Plutus Pioneer 3rd Cohort. I look forward to learning how to develop stuff for you guys

  9. Bought ADA Futures at $1.09 with stop loss at $1.089. I don’t mind holding as long as it stays above my SL. How high can ADA go in a month?

  10. Well, we’re in that area of very key support. Feel confident we can hold here, but obviously if BTC keeps going down we’ll break that support and then who knows…. Buy, stake, run away and never look back lol. DCA is the way!

  11. I don’t understand how cardano seemed so promising (backed with a lot of research), has a good roadmap but is doing shit compared to other alts. Even before this recent dump ada has been very poor in comparison

  12. Is Coinbase still not letting you send Ada? I’m
    In day four of not being able to send…

  13. Glad I could fill my bag some more cus I’ve been on a spending spree on cnftsssssss. lol

  14. First time having sync issues with Yoroi wallet, any tips or just wait for network to calm down?

  15. Wtf, balance in Yoroi wallet is incorrect…… are other people having issues too?

  16. Can anyone help me here. Im still new to crypto and I would like to understand what does the top projects in Cardano would do in the ecosystem in layman’s terms. For example, X project has a potential to work in Cardano ecosystem but what would they do? I want simple answers, like this X project would make gas fees cheaper and so on. Please link any thread if there’s some. Ty!

  17. Ok this is bullshit, I transferred some ADA from coinbase to Yoroi on 12/23 and the transaction was successful, it has been showing as part of my balance for the past 18 days and suddenly now in Yoroi its showing as a failed transaction, that specific amount of ADA has been deducted from my balance, and coinbase isn’t even showing a transaction on that day.


    I understand that there are issues transferring from coinbase right now but a transaction from 18 days ago?

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