Cardano Daily Discussion – January 09, 2022

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Cardano Daily Discussion - January 09, 2022

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  1. What is a reasonably safe leverage ratio to trade ADA/USDT futures on Binance? Do you recommend taking positions for a daily, weekly or monthly time frame?

  2. Sorta lost on this one. So I claimed 1,000 DRIP tokens from Dripdropz. On Musielswap, I see that each DRIP token is worth 0.01125 A, up over 70% from when I got them a couple days ago at 0.0065 A.

    -When I try to verify these gains, I can find the ETH DRIP token which is trading at $56. Is there anyway to find charts for the ADA version?

    -why such huge growth? Who is buying these?

  3. We hit support at $1.17-1.18 tonight. Taking into consideration the drop from $1.39 and the prior drop in July from $1.41 to our current support price, we are following the same path ADA took in August when it ran from $1.17 to $2.91.

    Obviously the past does not the future ensure, but I find it noteworthy that we’re on the same trajectory. That, combined with my belief that we won’t drop much lower (purely faith based) and the increase in network growth / percentage buying opposed to selling makes my outlook hot take bullish on ADA in the near future.

    I’d like to see some smart contract progress to satiate the naysayers and more emphasis on the green potential to ADA, but right now I’m hoping we repeat the trend we took in August. If nothing else, I’d appreciate a morale and momentum booster shot.

    Incredibly detailed chart showing my findings.


  4. Question: will ada be used to pay for the atala services?
    if yes will it be paid to IOHK?
    and what will be the payment method?
    how will cardano ensure that IOHK`s selling pressure will not suppress the price?

  5. The crypto community needs to come together and encourage, demand, or call for regulation that the exchanges base their liquidity on a stable coin, the US dollar or the Euro; and NOT BITCOIN! If an alt coin is in a nominal state meaning it’s not in a buying or selling trend, its price shouldn’t be lock step dependent on Bitcoin. They should be independent. Reform needs to happen here because if Bitcoin collapses, it shouldn’t take the rest of the alt coins with it, including Cardano.

    Every coin should be able to stand on its own and not be influenced by Bitcoin. This is a single point of failure for the industry and it needs to be fixed.

    FYI I’m an ardent Cardano supporter for over four years.

  6. Guys do you think that the unrest on Kazakhstan affects the crypto market so significantly? I am reading various articles and I am really confused. Personally, I think this event as the least worrisome factor.

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