Cardano Daily Discussion – January 07, 2022

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Cardano Daily Discussion - January 07, 2022

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  1. I don’t comment very often but now ADA is in a buy zone and it won’t go a lot below $1, buy zone is between $1 and $1.3, I saw many rebounces from this zone last year and I believe it will be the same

  2. I tried to withdraw xray tokens from raystake. It’s been an hour and still nothing. It ate my 2 ADA as well for the transaction. Could be Yoroi syncing issues. Will see how this is played out.

  3. Hello,

    It is normal that on the catalyst voting app, snapshot didn’t happen yet?

  4. Any idea why Ada is one of the only coins in green today? Some news or just more stable than the rest?

  5. I noticed 35.67% staking rewards on ADA for a period of 10 days on Binance. Does any one know why this would be the case? I am just curious if there is any way the coins we commit can be used to bring down the price of the currency? Or can these be used in any way by a third party. Simply don’t understand why such high interest rate was on offer. Any ideas?

  6. I’m not sure if you’re right, but I like your view. Btw, what do you think of Nemesis DAO? The project looks interesting and profitable, & the coin evolves.

  7. What is the current pledge minimum to start a pool AND actually mint blocks (or at least cover server costs)? 10K? Thanks

  8. Anyone have experience with GeroWallet? Saw an article today that say they are the first all in one DeFi wallet.

  9. Now that Chainlink is going to be a part of the Cardano ecosystem, has anyone else noticed that it’s been pumping the last few weeks? I’m finding it a great off-ramp to move my remaining ether into in preparation for migrating out of that ecosystem entirely

  10. Will the exchanges have enough money for all of us when ADA hits $100 ???

  11. Woa – veritree jumped 30% points the last couple of days. Last time I checked a couple of days ago it was around 55%, now it’s at 85%.

    Was that meld or Samsung?

    Edit: their discord said, meld got them to 77% yesterday, so that was part of it, but not everything.

  12. Staking question

    Im aware that it takes a few weeks/epochs of staking before you actually start earning rewards but let’s say I stake at a specific pool, move to another and then back to the old one, how long do I have to wait for rewards?

    Does moving to a different pool completely reset your staking process i.e. the first pool you staked and want to move back to, do you start earning rewards at that first epoch or do you go through the process of waiting 3 or 4 epochs before you start getting anything again?

  13. Bought some more today and got my dollar cost avg to 1.37 rn for my ADA I’d say not bad for just starting to learn about this project in September. What do y’all think?

  14. When the DEXes launch, when swapping tokens, will we have to send like 1.5 ADA with the tokens that we intend to swap?

  15. Hello Fellow Cardano Holders. I was wondering if you were aware of any airdrops or ICO happening on Cardano where we could get some free tokens. I am already currently in one of the selected stake pools for the Sundae Swap offering and have done the but honestly I’m not sure how I feel about those tokens. So are there any projects you’d like share? Thanks

  16. Thinking of joining Cardano fam. What’s the current Apy? Any news on the development state of dapps etc?

  17. Hi all,

    Does anyone of you know about a trading platform that allows option trading (calls & puts) on ADA?

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