Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

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Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!

Trade on Bybit: Receive an up to $30,000 bonus (see terms on Bybit) O Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction! In this video I talk about the current price of Cardano ADA and provide a price forecast. I carry out a technical analysis of this cryptocurrency and give a price update. —————————————————————————————– 🧿 Links: Link to the MCO ADA stake pool: a How to delegate ADA to the MCO stake pool: /> How to delegate ADA using the Yoroi wallet: M Bitget: Sign up for Bitget via my link: to get a $15 bonus(For the first 100, first come first served) and to get free access to my foundations trading course (reach out to when done). To get free access to the trading course you need to deposit $500 to Bitget and make a trade. Technical Analysis with TradingView: w Set up trading bots with /> Trade on Coinbase: Receive $10 in BTC (see terms on website): e Trade on Kucoin: Receive a 20% fee discount: T Trade on Binance: Receive a 15% fee discount (lifetime) when using this link. /> Trade on Bybit: /> Code: WE4091 Trade with eToro: k Trade with Trading212: Receive shares worth up to $100: O Protect your cryptocurrencies with Trezor: e Protect your cryptocurrencies with Ledger: /> Stay safe with NordVPN: 0 —————————————————————————————– 🧿 MCO World: You can find the Technical analysis channel here: g You can find our German crypto Youtube channel here: w Please check out the More Crypto Online website: / Official Social Media Links: Instagram: / Twitter: l LinkedIn: / —————————————————————————————– 🧿 Join the private MoreCryptoOnline membership group: OR OR e 🧿 Join the private MoreCryptoOnline foundational video training course: s —————————————————————————————– ⚠️ Very important: ⚠️ – please do not reply to anyone with the MCO logo in the YouTube comments who sends you a Whatsapp number. This is scam! – please do not join any other MCO Telegram channel than the ones you received the links for. These are all scam! – You find the official Social Media links down below in the description section. —————————————————————————————– ☕️ Caffeine: For additional support you can now buy me a coffee ;-): o —————————————————————————————– Financial Disclaimer: We are no financial advisors. The ideas presented in this video are personal opinions and for entertainment purposes only. You (and only you) are responsible for the financial decisions that you make. Ideas presented in this video are my opinions at the date of recording and may have changed after recording.

10 thoughts on “Cardano ADA Price News Today – Elliott Wave Technical Analysis and Price Now! Price Prediction!”

  1. I really appreciate your updates, I also think your mid and short term insights are extremely valuable 🙂 however, I tried using your target levels in order to make short term trades and on most of the cases it ended up bad. You keep saying not to leave trades too early.. however, what does that mean when you gave us a range with a higher level of 29 cents and it goes to 34.5 😀 in this case, it is not that the trade was left too early (at 30 cents), but that the range was wrong 😉 I will keep following your amazing updates, but I will try to base only my mid to long term strategy on them and only use them to make short term trades when there's a really low risk. Like in this case, the right time to take profits would be at the end of the larger degree wave one, catching the exact targets for all the subwaves seems to be extremely difficult, even for a grandmaster like yourself 🙂

  2. Love your Cardano videos. Thank you. Have you ever done a video on taking profits? I have never taken any since I began trading a few yrs ago. I'm not sure how to take profits, when, and how much. Thanks again!!

  3. Super oversold on almost all time chart, last time when we were so oversold it crashed down.

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