cant sign seaport message on opensea.

Hello i cant sign offers on opensea for some collections, i get a metamask messages Signature error Manifest not set and links

Starting with Trezor Connect 7, we have implemented a new feature — Trezor Connect Manifest — which requires that you as a Trezor Connect integrator, to share your e-mail and application url with us. This provides us with the ability to reach you in case of any required maintenance. This subscription is mandatory. Trezor Connect raises an error that reads “Manifest not set. Read more at” if manifest is not provided.

Trezor wants my Email, wft?

I dont want “trezor connect manifest”, i want to sign messages without that, a email isnt needed for signing a messages.

cant sign seaport message on opensea.

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  1. The message is aimed at either MetaMask or OpenSea developers, not sure which in this case — given that MetaMask as a whole seems to work, it’s probably OpenSea’s problem.

    Trezor does not want your e-mail, and there’s no way for you to provide it anyway.

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