Can someone help? I did something really Stupid

So today i was in a rush and I mistakenly sent ETH from one app over to my trezor app. But I instead of sending ETH to ETH, I mistakenly sent ETH to ETC.

The funds have not transferred to my ETC account. The one app where I sent it shows me that the transaction is complete and I can see it in Etherscan.

Are they lost for good? Can somebody from Trezor just redirect the ETC to my ETH.

Sorry but I am a newbie and I am absolutely freaking out..

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  1. Following to hear answers. Also a noob and thinking ur rekt based upon what I’ve read. But hope I’m wrong and wanna learn if i am.

  2. Hey I found this on the Trezor support site:

    Looks like several people have had the issue and they have a step-by-step. Good luck to you

  3. It’s a straightforward recovery if the Etc address is from your Trezor (or any wallet where you have the private keys). You can just use MyEtherWallet on the Eth network with the ETC derivation path. (You will also need to change the unknown path setting from strict to warn, you can do this in Trezor suite now.)

    I have a video which covers it here (though in your situation, you can just do it all directly with your Trezor, no need to enter seeds anywhere at all)

    Also be sure to ignore the scammers sending you PM, they are just trying to phish your seed…

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