Bybit’s Joke Contest – Share your Joke to Share 1000 $USDT in rewards!

Do you think you have it?

Welcome everyone! Bybit is a cryptocurrency exchange, and we're giving away some USDT for free so anyone can try it out. No strings attached, and it takes just a minute or so!

No memes this time, text only. Has to be Bybit related and something within the scope of this sub. Converting existing jokes into Cryptocurrency jokes is allowed. You can write as many jokes as you want, you can even win all of the prizes if you have the top 10, but make each joke a unique reply.

I will let the community decide the top 5 by votes and I'll pick the last 5

How to participate:

  1. Create yourself a Bybit Account if you don't have one (you need to do this since one of the requirements is a Bybit UID (this is where to send the rewards)

Bybit App (Android, iOS) or (desktop) are recommended; it takes less than a minute to set up. It's all free.

  1. Posting of UIDs at the end of your entry should not be double posted or duplicated. Double posting will automatically forfeit their entries.
  2. Share your joke at the comment section

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  2. What do you call a frog going to a far a way place? Bye Bit ribit ribit. Get it? 🙂

  3. My UID 30543607


    At that time, I made a deposit at Bybit to Future Derivatives and had several signals which I decided were correct, so I chose long as an open position, but I fell asleep due to exhaustion so what was long became short instantly!!!!! 😅

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