Buy Crypto using MEXC MasterCard

In collaboration with MasterCard, Mexc Global launches its virtual Mexc Card. With just 3 easy steps, you can use it to shop online globally in Mastercard network. Apply online, No appointment required and can be used immediately. Receive real-time alerts on your smartphone for each transaction, and always know your funds flow.


How to apply for MEXC Card

Step 1: Click on “Buy Crypto”, then pick “MEXC Master Card”.
Step 2: Click Apply now.
Step 3:  Please fill in all the required information.
Step 4:  Please upload the required documents.
Step 5:  You will redirect to this page after system approval.

After approval, an email containing the card number, password, CVV, validity date will be sent to your registration email. Please check the inbox or spam.

Step 6:  The card is ready to use and deposit.
Step 7: Please click deposit to top up.
Step 8: Deposit successful.

Let’s apply for a MEXC card and top it up with your crypto balance