Bot Owner Now Claims Theft After User Tricks Bot into Handing Over 800 ETH

So we've read what happened some days ago but missed a tiny detail I'd like to discuss…

In a twist of events, the bot owner, known as elizab.eth, responded to Chang's post claiming the funds were STOLEN but offered a 10% bounty if the funds were returned.

I'm inclined to think that the bot owner's poor programming should not obligate the trader to return the funds, while I've read that some people are saying that the bot owner might have legal claims to get their ETH back. What if, instead of being a faulty bot, you accidentally send 800 ETH to the wrong address? There's no way to reclaim anything back in such a scenario. Thoughts?

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50 thoughts on “Bot Owner Now Claims Theft After User Tricks Bot into Handing Over 800 ETH”

  1. Bruh it’s literally the Curve hacker copy pasta. The second guy is ridiculing the CRV’s offer to the hacker and they got you.

    e: I swear this comment section is full of bots/npcs

  2. Maybe keep a bit and return the rest. Lesson learned by the bot owner and another cautionary NFT tale.

  3. Not stolen at all. Bot owner fucked around with how he programmed his bot, and he found out. Front running bots deserve to get rekt.

  4. if someone jumps off the cliff first, but secretly has a parachute and some idiot does the same without a parachute,, its not first ones fault. also if you are stupid enough to think bots will just make you money copying trades, then you deserve this. theres absolutely nothing wrong with this. you are always responsible for your dumb moves

  5. It’s the fault of the poor code of the bot. In my opinion he should not return the funds!

  6. Let’s call it a learning experience on how not to write a bot and move on. You didn’t get scammed. You didn’t get exploited. You wrote bad logic and lost 800 ETH.

  7. So bot owner decided to steal the research of somebody else by copying and outbidding his trades. Then cries foul when that somebody acts.

  8. I swear I’ve watched “novelas” with less drama than the crypto industry

  9. This is genius and definitely not theft. Screw the bot (owner), he shouldn’t have coded one in the first place.

  10. If you didn’t want to have your bot make purchases without your input then maybe you shouldn’t have programmed a bot to make purchases without your input.

  11. Code is law, unless Vitalik decides to bail you out?


    But what was the purpose of the bot who got fucked?

  12. I agree, but by that same logic a smart contract’s poor programming should not obligate the exploiter to give back the funds. Pick one.

  13. He played the game, and he lost.

    Nothing was stolen, he voluntarily ran a bot that traded huge amounts of Eth for him, he deserves nothing back. But it doesn’t surprise me if some will get returned.

  14. It’s all fair game when the bot rips off investors but when the bot gets ripped off then it isn’t fair and can get sued. Bot got out smarted, sorry darling but that mistake cost you a lot.

  15. Ah, yes. Every time I see a front running bot owner getting rekt, there is a word that pops in my mind: karma.

    He lost 800ETH, that he took from someone else. He is basically asking the guy to give back he himself stole from other people.

    Basically, he is claiming this is ok to front run people, but not ok to front run him. Lol. Good riddance.

  16. Bot owner would have better spent his time programming a bot to earn moons like the summarybot.

    It would have been more profitable.

  17. This will be very interesting. You would assume that if you automate your trading you are responsible for whatever that bot does.

  18. Bruh with that much eth why are you even trading nfts lol. You would be set for life just holding till next bull.

  19. Don’t set up a Bot if you haven’t proofed it from losing you money, there is no law that says running a Bot means every outcome will be in your favor. All the trader did was trade to their advantage… I don’t see how that is illegal at all or “STEALING” funds. Trading is buy high sell low, the bot was trying to do it, and the human did it better… there is no EXPLOIT here, or manipulation of code or tampering or hacking in anyway… they user is just interacting with the BOT as it is setup… just like if I decide to buy high somewhere else and sell low elsewhere, being bad at arbitrage doesn’t mean I can sue who I sold for cheaper to. The bot is buying and the bot is selling…. fix your bot, don’t defame someone calling them a thief and claim criminally STOLEN funds, LMAO. I like fair outcomes and sure it would be NICE if the trader was a bit human and returned some of the funds considering the circumstances of someone making a bad bot.. but in no way should that user be legally require to or slandered for it.

  20. Anyone have a link of the other post? I missed it and am curious to know what happened!

  21. I think it’s her fault but just looking for a way to cover her mistakes

  22. So guy uses bot to steal Ethereum from people, only to have so much Eth taken back from him that he is left literally begging for money?

    Sounds like a happy ending to me.

  23. Hardly theft, literally copying trades and undermining the guys bot. Well done accumulating 800 Eth using a bot but maybe don’t get greedy and cash some out. 🤷🤦

  24. We wanted to copy you, but you were trading differently! You know have 800 eth, but if you give it all back we will keep 90% of that as your reward… 🫶🏼

  25. When the bot showed a profit, did those profits belong to elizab.eth? If so, then the losses must also be rightful.

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