Blockchain technology is significantly revolutionizing with new projects like STRK

Blockchain technology is significantly revolutionizing and changing the environment of the crypto industry. Day by day with newly launched features and tools it's gradually getting the highest number of mentions across all the SNS and various online platforms. Blockchain is simply defined as a shared, immutable ledger that facilitates the process of recording transactions and tracking assets in a business network.

With its exceptional creativity, it has been designed to absorb market sentiment and brought to us new adoptions like peer networks, smart contracts, membership, events, ledger, system integration, wallet, and system management. Defi is one of the important components of Blockchain tech. Dapp is another useful feature using this technology. DApps are stored and executed on a blockchain system.

With this similar range of features, Starknet has been launched to get the crowd shore into them. The main moto of this project is to trailblazes blockchain innovation by making it economically feasible to build any dApp. As derived from their resources they gonna utilise the power of their own STARK technology to ensure computational integrity. STRK is the platform's native currency and is already tradeable from the major CeX like Bitget, Binance and Bybit as well as other major trading platforms, it's having a total supply of 10 Billion STRK tokens that mainly generate its revenue from platform transaction fees and staking.

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  1. The greedy pigs behind this had the token launch at a crazy high value. Luckily I didn’t buy into it. It has come crashing down now and hopefully will continue to shit the bed and reach an appropriate value. Then i will invest in it as it does look promising for the big bull run.

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