Blockchain Startup AltSwitch awarded Gold by industry experts from the Future Innovation Summit

AltSwitch wins gold award at the recently concluded Future Innovation Summit V2’s Startup Olympics presenting their innovative solution to the multi-billion-dollar problem of digital asset security-breaches.

Future Innovation Summit V2 was a recently concluded event that was hosted by the Private Office of the Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi held last May 11-12 at the Meydan Hotel in Dubai. In the audience were government officials, prominent personalities, and organizations who were gathered together for critical discussions around topics such as space, the metaverse, blockchain technology, and sustainability.

AltSwitch’s core team in attendance were CEO Carl Munsayac (Bitmax), CMO Dragos Petrovan (Dogefather), CTO Vlad Sulea (BNBae), CCO Carlo James Nuque (Tetherogue), CDO Clark Abella (Ethero), CSMO Kaye Labay (Xrpixel), CHRO Shari Ashley (Cardanova), and CPRO Nicholas Sledziona (Stellarcat).

Many competitors were vying to win a spot in the top 3 with projects that were providing innovative solutions to niche industries that catered to wide audiences. AltSwitch’s Seia wallet debut was able to secure a unanimous vote to place gold with its sleek and luxurious design, multi-layer security encryption technology, and NFT integrated display. They combined these elements into a formula for success in the eyes of the judges who were keen to assess the viability and competitive edge of all its contestants.

A highlight of the presentation was the implication of social responsibility the company’s CEO championed on stage. He emphasized the alarming growth in digital asset security-breaches could not be left unchecked as it creates problems for cryptocurrency’s reputation and also each of its investors' financial futures. He implied that businesses should maintain a human-to-human element of conducting business as more than mere statistics but people’s lives and hard-earned living. Another was the company’s mission to empower people’s self-custodial capability by placing the security of their assets in their own hands aside from conventional financial institutions.

Securing one of the coveted winning spots in the competition opens the company’s future to even further heights as it solidifies the company's reputation as an up-and-coming figure in the digital asset security industry. Some of the prizes from the Sheikh’s private office include (but are not limited to) business development assistance, company registration, licensing assistance, etc. These provide a key opportunity for the company to establish a base of operations in the UAE which has positioned itself as a haven for emerging technologies and innovations and strategic access to the GCC. Only time will tell the level of success AltSwitch will achieve but this win is definitely a step in the right direction for them in a globally competitive industry.

If you are an investor with an eye on the market for a viable investment opportunity, then AltSwitch is making a statement worthy of attention. This time is a perfect opportunity to give this startup a closer look and potentially become an early investor in a breakout company that will introduce a revolutionary solution to a multi-billion dollar problem.

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BSC Contract: 0x2ec79904c2ab4f8b6e8e89c743cb7f7a88dfc0fe

AltSwitch Launch date: 18th Jan, 4 PM UTC

Holders: 2,388

Current MC: 587K

Blockchain Startup AltSwitch awarded Gold by industry experts from the Future Innovation Summit

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