BlackRock CEO in 2017 said “you have to force behaviours, which is what we are doing”. Some disregard their very dirty record because of a pump. Nothing about them entering/gaining power in crypto is good, as they will likely seek to control & influence projects and crypto markets just as in TradFi

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink said in 2017, “you have to force behaviors, which is exactly what we are doing at BlackRock”. Feel free to view the entire clip here:

BlackRock is the largest asset manager in the world with about 9 Trillion of assets under management. They clearly wield enormous power and use it to great effect. They of course have filed for a spot Bitcoin ETF and are planning on making a big entry into crypto. Given their 575-1 ETF approval rate, it seems a done deal that their ETF will be approved.

If you know anything about BlackRock you'd know them using their money, power and influence to gain even more money power and influence off the suffering of regular people is nothing new. Actually, that clip of the interview came from an ESG CEI meeting, and most of us should know the ESG is just an excuse for giant cooperation and financial behemoths in BlackRock to control investment and flows of money by other companies, governments and regular people into whatever they want by means of a ESG scored that is decided by them.

And it is a company like this that is entering crypto and quite likely will end up being the first approved spot Bitcoin ETF, gaining first movers advantage and raking in money of big institutional investors hungry for simple crypto exposure. They will likely expand to other ETFs like Ethereum and others and there is honestly a decently high change that we end up facing the same nonsense in crypto because some of some excuse like Bitcoin mining is bad for the environment so they lower the ESG score and reduce Bitcoin investment. And they probably try to force some cryptocurrency they or some other big corporation has create, or even a CBDC as a Trojan Horse like the IMF is pushing.

50 thoughts on “BlackRock CEO in 2017 said “you have to force behaviours, which is what we are doing”. Some disregard their very dirty record because of a pump. Nothing about them entering/gaining power in crypto is good, as they will likely seek to control & influence projects and crypto markets just as in TradFi”

  1. Can’t disagree with that, just because something increases the price doesn’t mean we should blindly support it.

    The ETF got people a little too excited

  2. Blackrock is not our friend even if they enter crypto. They just try to safe their business by controlling crypto aswell

  3. Blackrock is just here for the money and doesn’t care about the tech! They want a piece of the pie and these companies are greed driven.

  4. They have the money, experience and the power to take over BTC/ETH trading and “control” it.

    Blackrock is not (y)our friend!

  5. Fully intend for Fink to be left holding (some of) my bags when I sell after Q3 2024.

    My buy in price is evidently lower than theirs because I hodl for years.

  6. BlackRock cares as much about crypto as Mark Zuckerberg cares about our data security.

  7. In the end, most people including myself care about their portfolio in the short term, gonna take profit once they pump to new ATH.

  8. People are greedy and would sell their mom for money. It’s not surprising they don’t care about the values behind crypto.

  9. If you think they are only just now entering crypto you are dead wrong. Just because they made it public now doesn’t mean you have to follow their narrative. They’ve been in for years, just deceptively

  10. Man, I can’t shake the feeling that once the financial giants are done with crypto, it’s just gonna be a withering husk of what it could and should’ve been.

  11. I know and understand all the risks u describe im just hoping for more exposure and kind of endorsement their name provide to the crypto world for more people to join in.

  12. No one here believes they r doing this coz of the kindness of their heart we just hope it will be one step closer to mass adoption. U cant expect crypto to live underground and have mass adoption aswell i don’t believe its an attainable goal.

  13. “you have to force behaviours, which is what we are doing”

    Funnily enough just few hours ago there was a contradicting post to above statement post about Nigeria’s eNaira experiment, in which forceful measures to replace physical currency with a CBDC led to nationwide protests and public distrust. This too isn’t gona end well

  14. They’re not our friend and never will be. They’re big corps working with the government

  15. BlockRock cares about Crypto like I care about shitcoins. They only care about their own interests.
    I hope they won’t influence the Crypto market negatively.

  16. Yeah, we, who missed to “Be Early” should stop waiting for “adoption” to make us the money we missed in the first place.

    Big institutions make money by price movements, not by increasing the price 🙂

  17. Not sure they will add to any of these with the new deal with the SEC. They’ve named their 4.

  18. Let’s be honest most of us here doesn’t care about crypto, we are in it for the money too

  19. All markets are manipulated by someone. If not BlackRock, someone else. At least we can make a few bucks if this sparks a bull run. They will want their product investment to flourish.

  20. Totally get what you mean! The BlackRock CEO’s statement from 2017 about forcing people into crypto is quite thought-provoking. It’s interesting to see how perspectives can change over time, especially with the evolving crypto landscape

  21. I know it will be difficult and maybe it won’t happen in the next 10-20 years, but I really hope that crypto will replace the current financial system. Definitely, the future of our children will be much better.

  22. “If you can’t beat them join”

    This is what is Happening with BlackRock CEO

  23. This user gets it.

    If you’re cheering for bitcoin (and crypto) from a fundamental point of view, and believe in Satoshi view of pure decentralized digital currency then this is the worst news ever.

    If you want your bags pumped, this is good news.

    Which is it?

    I’ll bet those bitcoin maxis are flipping their shit.

    Blackrock is the equivalent of the super big bad in the movie. Not the guy that gets killed by the hero, but the guy in the limo at the end that brushes everything off.

  24. If you think, they are coming to crypto with good intention for the sector, you would be wrong. They are getting in to maximise and squeeze as much profits out as possible.

  25. I said this the other say and got downvoted. Bots or people with their heads in the sand.

  26. The absolute opposite of Larry Finkelstein in Dharma and Greg.

    Be your own bank they said, yet here we are allocating more funds to few.

  27. It’s a business through and through, they care about profits as much us. We ALL care about making money in crypto, you can’t convince me otherwise.

  28. Laurence Douglas Fink, CEO of Blackrock. Klaus Schwab, Head of WEF. Are two of the elite class of people deciding our fates and manipulating world governments.

  29. Good writing OP! Lot’s of Cex simp in here keep cheering everything related and hate everything SEC. They like to get screwed by big old financial institutions.
    I like DEX and being my own bank!

  30. Perhaps OP is right, but if Crypto is to take its place in the global monetary system, how can that happen without the biggest controllers of the monetary system not being involved (or worse, actively trying to stop Crypto). The only way is for a complete meltdown of existing financial markets, which I’m pretty sure nobody wants. So like it or not, Blackrock pushing their way into crypto is a step down the path toward crypto’s future.

  31. The only thing this fucking boomer canT do is FORCE DEEZ NUTS! Fuck black rock greedy sons of cunts.

  32. What do people not get, it doesn’t matter how much BTC they own. They have the same rules (written in code) as every other pleb out there.

  33. Regardless what you think of Blackrock, they should be allow to participate just as much as anyone else. But they will never control it, they can control the on/off ramps maybe, but not true crypto like BTC or ETH.

  34. Great…we’re gonna have tranny inu, groomingkids coin, and dragcoin here in no time…🤬🤬🤬

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