Black Hole Protocol ($BHP), Decentralized Science (DeSci) // Algorithmic Farming and Auto Redistribution // Dashboard Live // 3% $BUSD Reflections on Every Transaction // Contract Address Verified // DOXXED Team // Audited by TechRate // Launch on TODAY, 14:00 UTC

Dive into the endless knowlodge.

It's time for the next era of algorithmic farming and pool rebalancing!
We are able to ensure the greatest yields attainable on the BSC chain by combining cutting-edge algorithms with data feeds from oracles. Our native Auto-Compounding farms give APYs of up to 3639 percent on a long-term basis.

Introduction to Black Hole Protocol
BHP is a protocol on the Binance Smart Chain that uses Yield Farming along with Lending & Auto-compounding strategies to maximize and rebalance funds across pools to maximize APY returns. The protocol itself is managed in a decentralized manner and will be maintained by a collective of developers and governed by $BHP holders that will put proposals forward to improve the strategies, vaults and interface.

What is DeSci?
New technologies may have rapid, dramatic effects on society, but they may also spread slowly and subtly. Blockchain-powered decentralized science (DeSci) is taking off after some years of gestation. Its impact is being felt not only in the rarified confines of high-tech labs but more broadly in the business world as well.

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BHP Total supply : 1,000,000,000
Liquidity : 50%
Pools & Farms : 30%
Marketing : 3%
Charity: 3%
Transaction Tax : 11%
Passive Income : 3% of each transaction as $BUSD rewards

3% of our token allocations for active and scientific communities as well our name suggest. We have secured, supported and are expanding a list of hands-on & effective relatonships for maximum social impact.

We are highly proud to announce that we have collobration with the first Black Hole Initiative community center to focus on the study of black holes. //

The pools work by generating yield from staking a range of coins in the market and base the returns on the highest % returns available at the time. They benefit users by allowing for a single point of allocation of funds and utilize on gas costs due to only having to stake & un-stake through one channel. Our protocol finds the most lucrative opportunities available and auto-allocates the funds accordingly with relation to the returns available.

Farms are made up of liquidity pools of protocols that run on AMM's and allow for yield to be generated by liquidity providers where the depositor gets a %age of the transactions that go through the pool in a similar manner to interest that banks provide for you to keep your money in them. Our protocol constantly scans farms on BSC and finds the most profitable opportunities available to allocate funds to. The Aggreg8 protocol rates, and allocates funds and distributes them across your preferance of risk to reward ratio based on your preferances.

Stable-Coin Farms
Stable coin farms have been gaining popularity in the last few years and decentralised stable coins in particular are becoming a great alternative to hedge funds and pose as a great alternative to traditional currencies that are prone to inflation. Stable coin farms & strategies by the likes of Abracadabra & Curve DAO offer high low risk returns of 20% + APY. We will be sharing & utilizing similar strategies and avenues as these protocols to yield safe return. Our protocol offers allocations across 10+ low-risk farms.

Auto-compounding Vaults
Auto compounding vaults are vaults that re-stake your rewards into pools or farms as they grow to increase the yield generated due to re-staking more of the underlying asset which in turn = more asset in pool/farm to gain yield from. Our smart algorithms check for historical data and if any, lock up periods to make the most informed decisions for auto compounding strategies while maximizing yield.

BHP Dashboard allows for you to track your investments, pools, farms, balances, staking, governance, along with the native token “BHP” information and important data. Track your investments over 8 different chains in our dashboard & seemlessly switch between pools & farms in a gas efficient manner.

Developer Opportunities
If you are fluent to a high degree in one or more of the following languages; SOLIDITY, VYPER, RUST, JAVA, EVM, GO or SWIFT, or are familiar with working on applications for one or more of the following chains AVAX, FTM, LUNA, DOT, TRX, EOS, BSC, ETH, SOL then we welcome developers to get in touch for proposals and the possibility of a permanent role in the development of the ecosystem.

Due to the scale of the protocol & many integrations into several systems/chains that we will be implementing, security will be rooted in our most crucial fundamentals to secure the complex network and incentives such as bug-bounties and flaw discovery will be rewarded with Tokens & BNB throughout the development process. External and decentralized oracles will be used to validate the data feeds and multi-sig wallets will be used for all contracts, bridges, vaults and funds in a transparent manner.

Oracle Data Feeds
Oracles are data feeds from external systems that feed information into blockchain's that smart contracts need to execute certain functions such as price feeds. BHP will rely heavily on data from many blockchain's to be able to accurately predict returns and to spot arising opportunities in the market in addition to spotting exit and reallocation of capital. BHP will be using aspects of the Chainlink oracle system along with the Ducatur matching oracle framework for the functioning of the protocol.

The protocol will entail an oracle plugged into 8 different blockchain's that will aggregate data feeds from pools and farms across them and will have a multi-chain bridge to facilitate a gas efficient layer solution for the underlying avenues to be entered and exited in an efficient manner. This connection will be the largest interconnected network currently seen in the space and will provide a larger selection of yield opportunities than ever seen before by any other protocol.

The protocol itself and updates/upgrades will be controlled and implemented by off chain proposals where $BHP holders will govern the ecosystem by a majority vote (>51%). The proposed changes will be forwarded to the Dev team and anything over 6/10 votes will get passed and implemented through a multi-zig wallet. As the protocol grows and more developers on board the protocol the ratio will remain the same for passing proposals after the Dev team exceeds the initial 10 core members.

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Black Hole Protocol ($BHP), Decentralized Science (DeSci) // Algorithmic Farming and Auto Redistribution // Dashboard Live // 3% $BUSD Reflections on Every Transaction // Contract Address Verified // DOXXED Team // Audited by TechRate // Launch on TODAY, 14:00 UTC

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