Bitcoin Risk Indicator Tier List

I've always been interested in metrics and indicators to keep an objective eye on bitcoin and its development instead of getting caught in fear or greed. So I wanted to gather a few here and rank them through personal experience – and ask if you guys have found any other useful ones.

Here's a roundup of the risk indicators I'm aware of. Any suggestions for others to include?

S Tier

  • AlphaSquared's Bitcoin Risk Metric – This one is what I've been using for the past year. The fact that it successfully pinpointed the Bitcoin bear market bottoms in June and November 2022 speaks volumes. There's a strategy builder and forward-testing simulations too. You can keep creating free trials so it's kind of free.
  • Benjamin Cowen's Risk Indicator (YouTube) – Another top-tier indicator (with a huge list of additional metrics). Although it comes with a huge price tag. It provides a risk dashboard for other coins (which I don't care about) and lots of reports and private videos. The workbench lets you build your own charts. I only joined for a month and the risk performance was a little below Alphasquared.

A Tier

  • CoinTalksCrypto's Bitcoin Bull Run Index – Not bad; it's customizable and free. However I've been following this one for two years now and it missed both the 2021 top, as well as the bottom by a long shot. While recently looking at it again, it seems they went back to make it “catch” the bottom too (sketchy as there is no mention). This might be useful to look at but I wouldn't count on the quality. Hence A-Tier mainly due to being free.

B Tier

  • Bitcoin Risk Level
  • lookintobitcoin's Reserve Risk
  • OrionAlgo's TradingView script
  • jacdelosreyes013's TradingView script

C Tier

  • [Any dishonorable mentions?]

Always keen to hear about others' experiences and any additional risk indicators that might be worth adding to this list!

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