Bitcoin Price just Collapsed. this is why.

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Bitcoin Price just Collapsed. this is why.

Bitcoin price just collapsed and in this video I want to explain why Bitcoin is going down. bitcoin Price can be very volatile as we all know. Lmk you 1 year price target for BITCOIN. Looking to apply to join my Private Stock Group next week? Here is link Coach Hubert the Options Master has an INSANE options masterclass coming! Here is link to get notified when he releases it! Coach Beatrice just did a full breadown of Voyager Digital latest 10Q Financial Statement. If you want to check that out click here to access s Get 5 FREE STOCKS FOR LIMITED TIME FROM MOOMOO STOCK BROKERAGE! Follow me on Instagram – Get $25 of Bitcoin free when you use my link to open a Voyager account and trade $100 worth of any crypto on it /> Text me your stock market questions. Will try best to get back to them for you! Link to join us in StockHub b This is where you can chat for free with other investors in the stock market about stocks or things going on in the market. Enjoy! Financial Education This is a Jeremy Lefebvre Production Created by Jeremy Lefebvre LMK if you know any stocks to buy now or stocks to watch!

10 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price just Collapsed. this is why.”

  1. Jeremy: Anyone who thinks Bitcoin is safe or will hold its value is just InSaNE
    Andrei: TRIGGEREDD

  2. I'm praying for whales to bail out Timmy with his stimmies. He should never have to work again.

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