Bitcoin Is Pumping! Bears Are Capitulating… It’s Go Time!

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Jason Pizzino

Bitcoin Is Pumping! Bears Are Capitulating… It’s Go Time!

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10 thoughts on “Bitcoin Is Pumping! Bears Are Capitulating… It’s Go Time!”

  1. Please can you make a video explaining how to set up your indicators at TradingView.
    Cheers from Margaret River!

  2. Thank God I stopped listening to you. Now my portfolio is 5X stop making content

  3. If we don’t take out 25200 and hold it on a weekly this is turning back down. We have not put in a higher high or a higher high

  4. I love ya Jason but I keep reminding myself you was so firmly buying thinking the bottom was in at 28k, btw doing is not in play yet if we get one we haven’t had it yet but you’ll know if the next month or so if we are getting one

  5. If 25.2K isn’t broken the Wyckoff is still in play. A dump then is still in the cards albeit chances are getting slim. Either way I’m fine – exciting to see where it goes today

  6. I always use you and Krown for macro confluences, and your brother and a few others for shorter term confluences and when all of you align it’s usually a good day for me.

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