Bitcoin – How Whales Are Stacking while the world is in FEAR


Bitcoin – How Whales Are Stacking while the world is in FEAR

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9 thoughts on “Bitcoin – How Whales Are Stacking while the world is in FEAR”

  1. Dunno why your hyped of a 700$ bank movement when banks around the world are already settling remittance with XRP. Haters throw price appreciation shade and have no mind for geopolitics or how money influences the various suppression methods. But the fundamentals of business are clearly there for the chain, as well as ISO20022 compliance. Why do BTC maximalists pretend like this information isnt even open source??? Why do they ignore ISO20022?

  2. What if the whales don't care about buying low and selling higher? What if it's insiders who print the money using it to buy control and manipulate it to destroy it?

    Isn't that a possibility?

    I'm a big crypto supporter in some senses but also know globalists have infiltrated it deep.

  3. Thank you, James, for continuing your sharings into 2022. Your vids are like coffee to me. Without them, the day just doesn't seem right. Much appreciation for sharing your insights. Math, money and freedom!

  4. Thanks James ,For detailing with proof .Continue doing .You have boosted our hopes with facts .

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