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9 thoughts on “BITCOIN HOLDERS: HISTORY IS REPEATING [Prepare Now….]”

  1. People who wanted to sell already did. What we are seeing now is the true meaning of Diamond Hands. There are a lot of bearish traders out there fud'ing in Twitter hoping they can push the price down, ironically not understanding that if they succeed it will be very very bad long term for crypto. Every $ crypto loses from here on will sway more and more people to believe it's all a scam and governments will end up with massive public support to ban crypto or to regulate it so that it is effectively dead. But I guess the influencers and Twitter traders right now competing on who can spread the most FUD couldn't care less about crypto as a technology, they are just here for the pump and dumps. It's sad really.

  2. On your marks! Bitcoin mining reward halving 2024. Łitecoin Summer 2023….📈..⏱

    One of the biggest supply shocks in the history of modern financial markets’"

  3. La Sra. Alicia es legítima y su método funciona como magia. Sigo ganando cada semana con su nueva estrategia.

  4. Oooo noooooo!! Chris is predicting a double crash with a death cross 🤣. Don't worry Cris. Inflation is still high. Next week we have a another rate hike 💋.

  5. They pushed back the mt gox date again,… and will do the same thing again… but Chris says… "mt gox are going to start to repay customers, so more btc are going to enter circulation" which is the OPPOSITE of what the article says. As usual Chris tries to turn it into FUD….

  6. Not a chance in heck Btc will continue to dump. The pain hasn’t started yet.

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