Bitcoin Has NOT SEEN This BUY Pressure Since $69k! And Itโ€™s Rising! Crypto Investors Ready

Jason Pizzino

Bitcoin Has NOT SEEN This BUY Pressure Since $69k! And Itโ€™s Rising! Crypto Investors Ready

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9 thoughts on “Bitcoin Has NOT SEEN This BUY Pressure Since $69k! And Itโ€™s Rising! Crypto Investors Ready”

  1. I really admire the passion that you and your brother put into this work…Maybe this is something you are unaware of (or are) but the fluidity to your explanations and videos in general is very impressive. Hats off to you both. I watch each video multiple times….You two truly produce the real most "KPM" or Knowledge per minute whereas another fella produces the most Noise Per Minute…I know it's not a competition…However if I never found you fellas I'd still not realize how much BS was being shilled over there…โœŒ๏ธ

  2. One Love!

    Always forward, never ever backward!!




  3. I don't care.. It's too shallow to be bottom. Pattern isn't going to break for the first time since the inception of BTC.. hold your horses..

  4. NFA
    This is the kind of logical thinking someone should have , after almost two years of declining prices and close to the 80% discount from the tops.
    So what if it drops another 6-7k , you didn't sell euphoria at 70K and you're going to sell ~depression at 17k :))
    People are always too bearish at the bottoms.
    In every single market.
    For centuries.
    Wake up.
    Thank you Jason.
    Love your Doge T-shirt bro.
    Pizzino to 1M+ subscribers!

  5. Welxome to Nigeria to make moving the sentiment up. That's exactly what we need to buy at lower price.
    Bitcoin need to go up before going lower.
    Nigeria will sold at 50% discount. Can you verified how to not buy bitcoin?

  6. Everytime i hear you guys say "crypto currencies" it makes my head drop. Bitcoin crypto currency, others are Crypto Assets

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