Bitcoin has never spent more days in price-range than the 586 days in our current $16k to $32k price-range. Some record level of “crabbing“ right now.

Isn‘t there something weird in Crypto over the last weeks or even months? Maybe it is about the price barely moving up or even down and we are just up +3.9% in September, while a bulk of that price action actually came in the last few days, before that we were set to close the month of september with just +0.7%, now that is some real crabbing and it even was not much different since weeks or even months before that.

In fact, since the beginning of this year where we experienced some slight volatility due to our move up from $15k to $25k, we barely saw any volatility again and were continuously making new involatility records for Crypto history. And indeed, this recent sideways price-action has been very historic for Crypto:

Chart showing durations BTC has spend in each price-range

As we can see on this chart, here are different price-ranges listed for Crypto and respective time periods we spent in each of them. our current scenario would fall under the price range of $16k to $32k and indeed we have spent over 586 days in this price range through 2021 and now in 2022-23. Truly a testament of how crabbish this later phase of the bear market has been.

But it is also interesting, as we saw similar scenarios during previous bear markets too, like the price-range of the post-bottom bull run in 2018 that also consists of 556 days, the second-longest ever in Crypto history. Similarly the price range of the post-bottom in the bear market of 2015 is the third-longest with 512 days.

So it seems like all of this right now is just going as planned and while history definitely won‘t be the same, history does have a tendency to rhyme usually…

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50 thoughts on “Bitcoin has never spent more days in price-range than the 586 days in our current $16k to $32k price-range. Some record level of “crabbing“ right now.”

  1. oh look, another day that bitcoin stays in it’s boring price range. #yawn #hodl

  2. Summer next year, is when we will enter the next bull run.
    Inflation, wars, and regulations all over the world has kept us down for long.

  3. Yeah, I agree. Bitcoin is more stable than it has ever been. There are no some crazy ups and downs, like it used to be. Now, the question is: Is that good or not?

  4. Same pattern as last year though? That means we’re due for a new ATH high too. I’m hoping this is history that will repeat.

  5. Its crazy cause 586 days is such a long period of time but it feels like its flew past in the blink of an eye

  6. >So it seems like all of this right now is just going as planned

    Or does it just mean that as things mature it is no longer possible to see quick 2X+ gains?

    And that those days may be over and things will move more slowly, like more traditional investment classes.

  7. Is this supposed to be a celebratory “price range” post?

    To most of us, it just shows Bitcoin/crypto is stagnant and unexciting.

  8. It’s the perfect time to accumulate. This is going to be one hell of a level to blast off from when the bull run arrives

  9. So if the price goes up or down to a slightly new level and then goes sideways there for a bit, and then goes up or down again and goes sideways for a bit – are those crab legs?

  10. Reason: market is undecided.

    It wants to be bullish but not enough momentum.

    It also wants to dump badly but there’s not enough incentives to just do that decisively.

  11. How long has gold been in the price range of (current price) to (current price halved)?

  12. Even Bitcoin can’t escape Carcinization. Over the long run, everything turns to crabs

  13. And unfortunately it will either continue or drop even after the halving bc there is no extra cash in the economy

  14. I bet I could adjust those numbers to 587 days and 16k to 32.1k or something and make an entirely new post!

  15. The mote tightly the coil winds the more we spring forwards when it finally releases

  16. Honestly, I’m so grateful for this crab. I was worried I wasn’t going to have very much time to accumulate. But here we are, nearly the middle of October and still 🦀🦀🦀

  17. you really think that bear market is over?

    oh boy.

    we are in the middle of it, much more to come.

  18. Everyone got scammed, liquidity is drying up and people realized that plaing with options/futures in the normal markets give greater gains than crypto, so they moved on. + your wallet doesnt get drained cause of a random link 😂. Crypto still sucks and has no usecase after all these years

  19. I mean speculative assets aren’t really going to go anywhere until people have extra cash to invest. The economy just isn’t in that state right now so I’m betting we won’t see much movement until everything improves.

  20. It’s been in the 0-70,000 price range for years! Seriously though, how did you pick the range for this analysis?

  21. Stretch the range a bit and we have “We’ve been crabbing along the price range of $0 to $65k since 2009”.

    All the charts and TAs are really just seeing bears in the clouds or reporting that it is raining when one sees the puddles forming from the rain. Just because it rained this time yesterday, it does not mean it will rain this time today or tomorrow.

    It also does not mean it will not.

    Bitcoin is like the weather, nobody knows shit.

  22. Take a step back and look at the macro, crypto doesn’t just “do stuff” in isolation to other markets.

    In fact when you look at the macro, it is kinda scary because the halvings line up with other macro events that people MAY mistakenly be correlating as “halving drives BTC price” instead of QE, Tbill rates, inflation.

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