“Bitcoin Cash” auto censored from YouTube

This happened to me multiple times on multiple channels. Write on YouTube any comment containing “Bitcoin Cash” or “BCH” and it will likely get almost instantly deleted with no trace. And it's not the channel owner erasing because it happened to me on a very pro-BCH channel — ColinTalksCrypto.

Guess we were marked as a “harmful disinformation”.

15 thoughts on ““Bitcoin Cash” auto censored from YouTube”

  1. Thanks for the heads-up. Bitcoin Cash mentions are also suppressed from most algorithmic feeds on Twitter. TPTB are running scared. Feels good man

  2. I have noticed this also
    Or shadow baning
    You think the coment is put you can even see it
    Then you change of account and it is not here…
    This is why sometimes i put BC.H etc

    I started also Odysse liking and subscribing to all channel about BCH

    This is why i love Reddit
    More liberty

  3. I confirm. My comments on YouTube containing any mention of BCH or Bitcoin Cash or even hints like “#22 on Coingecko” or “split in 2017” always get deleted instantly on any channel. Not a single comment stayed. I got used to YouTube censorship long ago, so I always copy my comments to a text file and always check if the comment I just posted got deleted by reloading the comments.

  4. Guess I’ll have to make some more videos on Bitcojn cash! They won’t censor my titles. πŸ’š

  5. They censor you the most when your right over the target! Keep it up!! Go to odysee!

  6. BCH has historically been marginalized, maligned, censored, you name it. This is really nothing new but good to have some evidence/confirmation. Upvoted for visibility.

  7. But why? Any Specific reason?
    Well, I have one question,
    Has anyone used Quppy wallet?
    They are giving 2 % cashback.
    Leme know the review if anyone has ever used it.

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