Bitcoin Bull Market Support Band Update

Benjamin Cowen

Bitcoin Bull Market Support Band Update

Time for an update on our Bitcoin bull market support band, considering that we have a new weekly close for Bitcoin. This bull market support band is essentially our line in the sand for separating different types of market environments. Where do you think the price of Bitcoin is headed? Let me know in the comments! Premium List : m LIFETIME OPTION: / Alternative Option: e Merch: / Disclaimer: The information presented within this video is NOT financial advice. Telegram: e Twitter: e TikTok: Instagram: / Discord: Q Facebook: e Reddit: / Website: /

10 thoughts on “Bitcoin Bull Market Support Band Update”

  1. your right it has sucked me in. been here since sept of 2020. gained a lot. then lost a lot, but im still here so i agree im not going anywhere. thanks for the videos ben. truly appreciate you guiding me through the markets.

  2. There is no bull market, there is no Bear market. There is only…… The market !

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