Bitboy is the latest crypto influencer to be targeted by sim-swapping. His compromised Twitter account has generated over $700k so far via phishing

Several hours ago Bitboy's Twitter account was compromised in an apparent sim-swapping attack. The attacker immediately began tweeting links to a phishing website:

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The phishing website asks users to connect their wallet to claim this $FCKSEC meme token:

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Users then unwittingly sign a setApprovalForAll() transaction, granting the phisher the ability to transfer their assets. We can see the attacker's address has inflows of $760,000 within the same time period:

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So far the biggest individual losses are:

  • $35.6k in BEN
  • $31.9k in HEX
  • $30.4k in USDC
  • $8.5k in JESUS
  • $8k in 0X0
  • $6.5k USDT

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Stay safe out there folks!

50 thoughts on “Bitboy is the latest crypto influencer to be targeted by sim-swapping. His compromised Twitter account has generated over $700k so far via phishing”

  1. As I’m sure almost every other comment will point out, quite possible that Bitboy is faking this for money

  2. It’s crazy how many Twitter accounts have been getting hacked by sim-swap attacks lately, now more than ever people need to be extra cautious clicking any links even from accounts they follow

  3. The headline should be – “Scammer boy pulled a fake scam on his account and blames it on sim-swapping”.

  4. It’s hard to feel sorry for Bitboy in particular, to be honest, after all the scummy rugpulls he himself was performing.

  5. Come on dude. Bitboy recently created a scam. Now he’s doing another scam. Same language on the website too.

    Bitboy is the one who should be getting sued, not Coinbase.

  6. The biggest problem of crypto people trust and invest because some influencers on social media instead doing their own research and read.

  7. “Hey, they’re my followers. I was meant to be scamming them”

    ~ Ben “Bitboy” Armstrong.

  8. Not buying the sim swap story.
    Bitboy has a very special BDSM relationship with his fans.
    He fucks them in the ass regularly and they come back for more.
    They are just doing their thing.

  9. I mean if you still use SMS 2FA that’s kinda your own fault. It’s nothing new that SMS 2FA isn’t safe. If you use a real authenticator app your accounts can only be stolen by someone who has physical access to your phone which is almost impossible.

  10. They hacked John Deaton’s account as well something is going on especially when the John Hinmans email come out on the 13 June???

  11. Why would anyone follow Bitboy and think “this is sound investment advice, I’m gonna invest all of my money in a coin no one has ever heard of”.

    I’m just baffled.

  12. Scammed out of 35k in BEN coin? I’ll bet this vegetable’s crypto history is good for a few laughs.

  13. He has already scammed so much. Can’t even tell that the phishing attack is a real tweet or not. 🤷‍♂️

  14. When will Bitboy be in jail? I hate that clown. He’s what’s wrong with crypto.

  15. Scammer getting scammed. Pretty funny. I hope none pf ya’ll good ppl here lost any money on that shit.

  16. If this is true, just remember: Authentication by SMS is a premium feature on Twitter. This genius paid extra to use the less secure of keeping his account “secure.”

  17. Do not use SMS 2FA. Use TOTP 2FA (Google Authenticator, Aegis, Microsoft Authenticator etc.)

  18. Luckily, his followers have already been drained by the real bitboy so nothing to really steal

  19. They’re also draining NFT’s too. I’ve seen a dude that lost over $20k in jpegs in this particular incident… mind blowing

  20. I am amazed that many are still so gullible.
    I wonder what is the phishing website about?

    Free token?
    Double token?
    Interact for special whitelist token?

  21. Crypto in a nutshell – scammers hack a bigger scammer, in order to sell some anti-SEC shitcoin to emotionalised idiots who wonder why SEC is cracking down on this wannabe industry in the first place.

    Another surprise – majority of people falling for this shit are shitcoin holders who trust people like Bitboy and Richard Heart.

    And yes, the theory where he “got hacked by himself” is also very possible.

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