Binance Smart Chain | Sweetpad Platform | Sweetpad Fundraising Trading Platform

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Binance Smart Chain | Sweetpad Platform | Sweetpad Fundraising Trading Platform

Binance Smart Chain | Sweetpad Platform | Sweetpad Fundraising Trading Platform 👉 Sweetpad Linktree: 👉 Get Your Own Binance Account from here: w 👉 Check out Ethernity Chain: H 👉 Best Hardware Wallet (Trezor): t 🛒 Special promo pricing on Nexo Crypto Banking special offer 👉 n 💾Ledger Wallet discount 👉 t _____________________________________________________________ Links mentioned in the video: ✅ Get your own free Binance account: w ✅ Best Hardware Wallet (Ledger Nano): t ✅ Best Hardware Wallet (Trezor): t 🔥 Get up to $250 BTC Bonus: e 💰 Earn interest in crypto on BlockFi: e 💸 Borrow fiat against crypto on BlockFi: S _____________________________________________________________ Welcome to our Binance Smart Chain Video! The key to the development and success of the Crypto sector is decentralization. The principle of anonymous operation, the speed of transactions, fixed & low transaction fees and other facts serve as a basis for this assertion. You see for yourself how new platforms are created day by day, new projects are launched, new currencies are issued, most of which, of course, choose the model of decentralized activity, all this is an indicator of the decentralized structure being successful, perspective and thus also very attractive. All this, of course, leads to very high pricing (demand-supply-high price) of established cryptocurrencies, which is a problem for beginners or traders who initially have limited financial resources. Comparing the prices of Bitcoin in May 2010 and October 2021, we see that the price has increased about 6,500,000x.. It is true that price fluctuations are quite large and unpredictable, but even in that case, for most people interested in crypto, the price of a coin is too high. In this case, launchpads are interesting solutions in crypto, which allow you to get the currency at a minimum price in the seed stage and then have a huge income. So here is where we come to present our project. SweetPad is a decentralized platform based on Binance Smart Chain, which allows you to make early-stage investments in projects such as GameFi, DeFi, Metaverse, etc. RAISING FOR GROWTH: Project tokens are allocated among a wide range of investors, which allows not only to raise funds, but also build projects’ communities and get verified on platforms like BSC Scanner, Trust Wallet or leading exchanges e.g. Binance. SWEETPAD ACCELERATOR: Promising projects can enter into our accelerator to be supported by our team to build out product, marketing and community, to close all the bugs that can slow their future growth. PRE-LAUNCH FREE CONSULTING FOR PROJECTS: Before market entry and launching on SweetPad, projects have free access to consultancy from our advisers that are leading experts in the field. MARKETING SUPPORT: Projects pay launch commissions on our launchpad with their tokens, so we are interested in promoting launched projects’ tokens not only in Universe, but also in Metaverse. DECENTRALIZATION: Tokens paid as platform commissions are distributed among thousands of users via our pools, to avoid manipulation as a result of centralized possession of a large percent of tokens by a single investor. DOUBLE AUDIT SYSTEM: Our SweetPad excels with its intellectual and secure economics based on a double audit model guaranteeing safety for our users. I hope you found value in our Binance Smart Chain video. Make sure to leave a like on the video if you gained value from it! _________________________________________________________________ The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading cryptocurrencies poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome. 👉👉 For Collaboration Contact Us At: ‫ 🔥 🔥 For ‬More ICO Projects Check Out Our Site: m #Sweetpad #BinanceSmartChain #Crypto ________________________________________________________________________ 🎬Watch our most recent videos: 🔥Crypto Nodes | Project X Nodes | Project X Competitions👇 /> 🔥Solana Crypto | Solana Sol | Solana Crypto Explained👇 /> ________________________________________________________________________ ⏰TimeStamps⏰ 0:00 intro 0:18 sweetpad introduction 7:44 summary

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  1. Nice talks.I'm interested to invest but i don't understand how it really works , I really want to know and start investing.I have a significant amount of capital that is required to start up but I have no knowledge/idea to start investing immediately. What strategies and directions I need to approach to help me make decent profit and to start investing ??

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