Best Burning Mechanism Ideas for SLP – Axie Infinity


Best Burning Mechanism Ideas for SLP – Axie Infinity

Here are some SLP burning mechanisms that I think would be potentially great value adds to axie infinity. What are your thoughts on burning mechanisms and if you had to pick which mechanisms would you like to see axie add to the ecosystem. 🚀 CONNECT WITH ME FOR MORE NFT GAMING CONTENT🚀 TWITTER: _ INSTAGRAM: / 💙 JOIN THE LOOT SQUAD DISCORD 💙 DISCORD: d 🛠️ MY FAVORITE AXIE TOOLS 🛠️ AXIE TECH: /

10 thoughts on “Best Burning Mechanism Ideas for SLP – Axie Infinity”

  1. The Sky Mavis Team should ask their sponsors and venture capitalist's to do SLP Buybacks. This would be similar to Stock Buybacks which reduce public float- increasing the value of the SLP coin.

  2. the best methods are that use ETH an thetan arena, burn SLP in each transaction an buyback SLP…that si the best way

  3. Bro don't you have any shame left in you ?….you always speak one side. Have you ever raised any concern of community to the axie team ? Since this is easy for you as you large number of follower.

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