Been reading this and it’s been great

I've been reading the bitcoin standard and all I can say is it's great. I haven't reached the parts about bitcoin yet, but the first couple chapters about past money and how they came up and their history has been amazing.

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  1. Ya I hear ya. I knew about Bitcoin pretty well but I didn’t know that much about the history of money. It’s such a great book.

  2. Just got mine recently and at about the same point! I’m really digging it.

  3. This is the Bible. Then the Fiat Standard next. And finally: Principles of Economics (Also by Saifedean Ammous)

  4. Have a read of Broken Money by Lyn Alden (released last week). It builds on this in a number of ways. It’s quite the read.

  5. I was literally looking at this last night but noticed two versions by different authors so didnt click to buy. Fiat standard sequel is now in basket too. 😁

  6. Has anyone read the JH DAMP version? Or both? The cover is much nicer but its all about the content

    • The Bitcoin Standard by Saifedean

    • The Price of Time by Edward Chancellor

    • Broken Money by Lyn Alden

    I rate these 3 as the most essential books to read in this topic. Money and interest are the two most foundational concepts… everything else is just noise after the fact of these two things.

  7. It’s a good read or listen. Love audible books since you can multitask while “reading”.

  8. Bitcoin ETF Approval delayed yet again

  9. I accidentally threw my copy out before I could read it, long story! Hope it is a pleasure reading it.

  10. I was in doubt whether to buy this book, and i just I bought it because of this post. thx bro <3

  11. This is book is the only financial education I’ve received in life and it was the hot butter knife that cut between Bitcoin and crypto.

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