basic error with seed phrase for a wallet. help?

Evening all, I did something stupid. I set up a Kalium wallet some time ago, wrote the seed phrase down and then transfered in some BAN.

All was fine until I lost my phone. I've then set up my Kalium wallet on my new device, but the seed phrase isn't working. I'm assuming its possibly a spelling error (most are American spellings and I'm in the UK) as I always double check the word when writing them down, but it was that long ago maybe it's something as stupid as mixing a word up. IDK.

Have I basically lost it all? There isn't any magic spell I can use is there?

basic error with seed phrase for a wallet. help?

2 thoughts on “basic error with seed phrase for a wallet. help?”

  1. There isn’t a magic spell but all of the possible words are part of bip-39.

    You can find the bip-39 list in various places online and use it to check your spelling and if you’ve miswritten a word. If you’ve miswritten a word that is also on the list then you’re stuck but it’s a good place to start.

  2. Well for american spelling you remove to “u” on some words, “colour” becomes “color. ” There are also words where you replace the “s” with a “z” or a “c” with an “s,” serialise becomes serialize, defence becomes defense.

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