AVAX UP 50%! Avalanche Rally Incoming??

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AVAX UP 50%! Avalanche Rally Incoming??

In this episode we discuss the recent 50% rally on Avalanche, it’s new cross-chain bridge, and the future of this layer 1 protocol. Let’s go ahead and DIVE right on into it! JOIN THE CLUB! b Use our link to get a $100 funding reward! Check out ITRUSTCAPITAL! b Sign up for LUX ALGO using this link: /> Use Coupon Code: JEBB for 20% off. Sign up for TradingView Premium! /> Check out Tokenmetrics! /> MEMBERSHIP! n For inquiries, please contact us at support@cryptojebb.com If you would like to support the channel, below are affiliate links that give me a kickback when you use them. They cost you nothing, and some even give you a discount! If you’d like to support us at no cost to yourself, we’d be appreciative if you used these links! v AFFILIATE LINKS v Check out Unstoppable Domains! 4 Sign up for Market Cipher! /> Ledger has the best hardware wallets on the market, and are the only brand I trust to store my Bitcoin Ledger: 4 Sign up with this link and when you upgrade to a paid plan, you will receive $30 Tradingview: /> Sign up for Coinbase and get $10 worth of Bitcoin to start investing! Coinbase: l ^ AFFILIATE LINKS ^ Join our sub-reddit! / Follow me on Instagram & Twitter: @cryptojebb Follow me on Tik Tok: @cryptojebbofficial Follow Kelly on Twitter! @KellyKellam Follow Tshroom on Twitter! @Tshroom Follow Smay on Twitter! @SMAYNAKAMOTO Follow Tim on Twitter! @Tims_TA Like our Facebook page! b Listen to us on Spotify! /> I am not a financial adviser, this is not financial advice. I strongly encourage all to do their own research before doing anything with their money. All investments/trades/buys/sells etc. should be made at your own risk with your own capital. Song: “Real Good Feeling” Artist: Oh The Larceny Label: Position Music www.positionmusic.com/

10 thoughts on “AVAX UP 50%! Avalanche Rally Incoming??”

  1. Right now Binance official exchanger have a bug

    it exchanges BTC to ETH almost x10 rate fully automatic

    I posted a video

  2. Thanks for another informative episode, appreciate it. So will ADA or AVAX dominate over the next 36 months? I think Charles has a better chance of surviving the long winter but Avax could give it a run for it’s money

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  4. Wtf you talking about lol…. Up like 17% not 50…. Jesus this is ridiculous. Also you are using the YTD "year to date" as a ATH "all time high" ? I'm fluched lol this Video was wrong from a to z.

    I really think $AVAX is a good coin and will do very very very well. But that video was soooooo off.

  5. That’s what we need now more cross Crain bridges and high APY lending. Celsius, Voyager, … now you can loos on AVAX too.

  6. what about your purchase of $33 link,$40 Polkadot ?
    you and your teammates have been very low as far as TA performance is concerned since January 2022 and stop shilling Cardano and Charles Hoskinson.

  7. most of the alt coins will not hit their previous all time in the next bull market. then why are you shilling these sh*ts lik avax and solana?
    what about luna?

  8. I love things like Celsius, 3AC and Voyager happening – it's hilarious- keep those jokes coming…haha

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