Are NFT’s a Scam??

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Are NFT’s a Scam??

Are NFT’s a scam? Or are they tickets to get rich? Let’s explain what they are and how they may or may not be a scam!

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10 thoughts on “Are NFT’s a Scam??”

  1. I just had a scammer call me claiming to be my medical insurance company and I wasted 2 hours of their time

  2. Except you don't own the image, it's copyright, or even the jpg, you own a database entry that has a link that points to where that image is hosted, if something happens to that website and it gets deleted, you're SOL

  3. this is your worst video by far… the whole time i was waiting to tell us that your MLM is not a pyramid, cos you got a switch?

  4. I'm a big fan but sorry, no.
    1- I've been around quite a few people who work with NFTs and the prime reason people buy them is to then resell them and "get rich", which isnt a given and lots of people lose their money. If they really just want to collect the art and keep it, sure thing, cool. Problem being, buying an NFT does not equal buying the artwork. You buy the proof of transaction, and have no ownership over the actual image.

    2 – People say it's the "future of digital art" because "anybody can see who owns the piece". I have seen these apes COUNTLESS times and not once have i heard of whoever made them in the first place. Not to mention that most of these generic NFTs are lirerally GENERATED images, made to sell as many as possible.

    3- Completely failed to mention the environmental impact of these transactions. Sure, that's not my main focus either, but something that's just "collectibles" should not be wasting that much energy, and anybody promoting NFTs failing to mention that is a no go 🙂

    4- I'm a Digital Artist. 99% of digital artists i know are strictly against NFTs. Why, if the artists are the ones to profit? We're aware that people buying NFTs are not in for the artwork, and we do not want to sell our hard work to people who just want to own them so they can make more money off of them.
    But the biggest reason – Art theft. I see SO many artists getting their works stolen and then sold as NFTs against their permission. I can look up some of my favorite Artists on sites like opensea right now and find some of their works on there, sold by 3rd parties who do. not. own. the art.

    NFTs are a massive problem to the digital art industry. They're not environmentally friendly and serve no other purpose than Money Laundering. I can assure you none of the people obsessed with NFTs would be spending THAT much money to actually commission and pay artists directly to create a cool and unique image for them.

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