Approved USDC swap but still no swap option

Hi, i believe i managed to approve the usdc swap ( 0x365b2a4330497c1c70cb972ac545eccceb34fb58eee2d94ea2dc1cfad1e76ddc ) but back in uniswap, the button remains as “approve use of usdc” instead of “swap”. Am i missing a step or something? Should i be clicking that approve button again?

5 thoughts on “Approved USDC swap but still no swap option”

  1. Ctrl F5 to refresh page if approval transaction succeeded sometimes the UI lags behind

    Obviously don’t DM any scammers in this thread!

  2. Hey OP, please send an email to the Uniswap CX team here – Also please ignore anyone DM’ing you and never share your seed phrase with anyone.

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